Gmail Search Tips – Search Gmail by Date and Time

Gmail Search Tips – Search Gmail by Date and Time

Gmail Search Tips to search Gmail by date and time, by email size, file extension and much more.. in today’s topic.

Gmail has many features to make it user-friendly to create a filter, automatically delete spam emails and so on…

The hidden advanced Gmail search operators to search Gmail by date and time is perhaps the lesser known but most effective Gmail Search tips, and after applying these tips, you will be able to filter Gmail by date and time.

The Purpose of all the above Gmail Search tips is just to navigate Gmail service easily and reduce the unnecessary load to set off.

gmail search tips to search emails by date size and time

Gmail Search operators to Search Gmail Messages:

Use the following Gmail search operators or search Gmail by date, time and much more. (you can copy and paste the search strings)

  • Date and Time….use Gmail search date range operator
  • By File Size…….Like greater than 2mb or less than 3mb or equal to 2mb….use search operator
  • By File Extension: use search operator
  • By State: use search operator
  • from: use search operator
    from:[email protected]
    list:[email protected]

How to Search in Gmail by using given Gmail Search Tips:

In order to search Gmail by Date and Time use the following Gmail search tips:

  • Login to Gmail and click on the search bar.
  • Use the Gmail search operators one by one to find your desired Gmail search option.
  • In order to sort emails by date and time, first of all, you have to convert it into Epoch Time.(The Time and Date in Seconds)…..Use this converter to find the desired date in Epoch Time.

For example the Epoch Time for 04 Feb 2017 7 pm is = 1486216800 and 01 Feb, 2017 7 pm = 1485957600

So to find emails between

01 Feb, 2017 7 pm to 04 Feb 2017 7 pm

just type search operator

after:1485957600 before:1486216800 it will give you all emails between the given dates.

gmail search tips

In this way, you can use Gmail Search Tips to search all emails in Gmail between specific date, type, and attachment.

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