Social Media Tips: Drive Free Unlimited Traffic from Facebook

So you want unlimited Traffic to your website for free, Use Facebook Social Media Tips to drive Free unlimited traffic to your website or blog from Facebook.

Although there are other social media like Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and LinkedIn, Facebook Social media has its own importance, due to a lot of features for its users, from free content posting to blog promotion.

If you are a new blogger and struggling to increase blog traffic, then here is the topic just for you. Just stay tuned and don’t turn it off, because in the end you will be able to drive unlimited traffic to your website just in a few days and will surely see an increase in conversions.

use facebook social media tips to drive unlimited traffic for free
Facebook Social Media Tips to drive unlimited traffic

Actually, the topic of today is a case study or an experiment that I have performed on my current website, and you don’t believe that I have tripled my website traffic in one month.

So don’t wait further and let’s peep into the social media tips to drive unlimited traffic from Facebook for free.

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How to use Facebook Social Media Tips to drive unlimited Traffic for Free:

Before proceeding let me tell you that I have subdivided the topic into different parts, each has a comprehensive guideline for Social Media Tips.

It is also worth mentioning here that you must have written a well-optimized SEO-friendly blog post and then try to use the following social media tips to drive free unlimited Facebook traffic.

social media tips to increase traffic

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1-  Write an Eye-Catching Seo Friendly Post Title:

The first and most important thing to get unlimited traffic is to write Seo friendly blog post title.

Say you are the visitor and in your Feed, you see a lot of Facebook posts but it is hard to visit them all, literally speaking only a few of them will attract you….why…?

It is because the other Facebook Posts are not attractive, or the writer did not include anything special that attract or even force to click or visit the link.


The Facebook Post should be eye-catching, that compels visitor to click and visit the link

usually, you may ask some questions, like how to, why…

2 – Include an Image reflecting your Post and Content – Social Media Tips:

It is saying that:

” an image is worth Thousands of words”

so just keep in mind that while working to get unlimited traffic from Facebook Social Media, it is quite easy to have the attention of visitors.

Just assume that you are scrolling and want to find something interesting that there are very hard chance to see your required topic at a glance, until unless you found something attractive and eye-catching to stay and visit.

So it is necessary to include a Topic Related Image along with the post title, for this using software like Adobe Photoshop and also do some research to find some related images to include along with the title content.

Try to use a large Image to reflect the Post, so that it becomes more prominent.

Facebook social media tips for large and small image

Frankly speaking, I have seen many Facebook Posts having no interesting content but only an attractive title along with an image, driving thousands of visitors to their website.

I will not ask you to compromise on the quality of content because by doing this you will get the visitors not readers.

see the stats after applying social media tips to blog posts.

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3- Create a Facebook Brand Page for your website:

It is not enough to share your content on your Facebook Time Line with the Public, along with that you must have a Facebook brand Page on your website so that every time when you post any content to the Public than your true reflection can be seen on your page.

There are a lot of benefits of creating a Facebook Brand Page:

  • It is the authority for your website or blog.
  • It will be very easy for the visitors to see all your posts and updates on one platform.
  • It is easy for the visitors to contact and share their problems with you.
Facebook Brand Page for social media tips
Facebook Brand Page for social media tips

Although creating Facebook brand Page is not enough, you have to be active on it by sharing updates and new things often to keep it active. It is also worth mentioning that do share content from other bloggers also to get unlimited traffic from Facebook.

4 – Make a List of Facebook Groups to Promote Content:

Search Facebook and find some of the niches related to Facebook Groups to promote Content.

Your search may include keywords:

  • Blog traffic
  • free traffic
  • Post sharing

and etc.

Soon you will find many Facebook Groups to submit and share content, just filter the suitable groups and send them requests to join.

Don’t stop just keep on reading these Social Media Tips for Facebook.

 5 – Share often to get more Facebook visitors:

Another tip to get unlimited traffic is to share a blog post on Facebook groups often, just follow the simple rules:

  • Post in a Group of more than one with an interval of at least one day but with a different title, e.g if you have written a blog post regarding “Free Content Sharing tips that you must Follow” then just try like this

The first day……………>>>Free Content sharing tips that you must follow

Second or later Day….>> Have Blog Content and still waiting to Promote just see the magic words

In this way, you can make a little difference in the post title to make it catchy and new all time.

It is also very important to a re-share article on Facebook ( because say a Facebook Group has 20 thousand members then it is not necessary that all of them may visit your link after your post), so that’s why I have written to share your blog post more than one to make it alive.

6 – Create your Own Facebook Blog Post Sharing Group:

In order to drive unlimited traffic, It is very easy to create your own Facebook Blog Post Sharing Group, there are many benefits:

  • You can Pin your Famous article to keep it at the top, so whenever anyone visits the group, he may find your post at the top and its chance of visit will be greater.
  • You have your own member area and you do need not anyone to approve your blog post to share.

7 – Use URL Shortening Services to make your Link Shorter:

When we Copy the Link and Post it in the Facebook Status Bar than Facebook automatically fetches the Title along with the description and Image to appear. In that case, many visitors may, not click to see the lengthy URL, so try URL shortening services like to increase Social media engagement.

8 – Check the Reflection of Facebook Visitors:

Posts more than one article and see the reflection of Facebook visitors, soon or later you will find a list of those countries from where you are getting the most traffic, so try to focus on that Post for those countries. So that next time you will write an article for those visitors and countries.

Hope so you will find enough from the above-stated Facebook Social media tips to drive unlimited traffic to your blog.

Do comments if you have any queries regarding the topic.

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