update windows photo viewer software

How to Update Windows Photo Viewer Software in Windows 7

Learn to update windows photo viewer software for windows 7.

If you have an outdated version of windows photo viewer software then you need to update it through windows update feature on the computer. So that you can view the digital photos on your computer with the great user experience.

Although the old versions of windows like windows XP, windows vista have their own photo viewer software. Windows 7 also has its own latest photo viewer but with more advanced features than the previous versions of windows.

It is necessary to update windows Photo Viewer software to the latest version, because somehow any image or Picture may not open in the previous version, or Windows Photo Viewer may not working properly.

Whenever Microsoft add some new features to its built-in programs than it necessary to update Softwares accordingly. It is recommended that always update any version of windows from the official Microsoft website and never from any other third-party website.

update windows photo viewer software

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How to Update Windows Photo Viewer Software in Windows 7:

In order to update windows Photo Viewer Software in Windows 7, use the following steps:

1– Click on the Start Button located on the left side of your keyboard.

2– Click on the Search bar and type Update and then click enter.

3– Click on the Windows Update icon from the window that displays on the screen at the top.

4– Click the Check for updates icon from the software menu. Windows will soon start Checking if any update regarding windows Program or Windows Hardware is available.

5– Check the little box next to the Photo Viewer icon and then click the Install Updates icon at the bottom of the page.

6– Wait for the updates to finish installing and then click the Restart icon from the Windows that appears on the screen.

7– Allow the computer to restart automatically (wait until Computer restart itself, do not force to restart it, otherwise errors may occur) again, and then log in from the login screen. Once you have logged in, the new windows photo viewer software will be installed.

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Hope so you will get enough knowledge to Update Windows Photo Viewer Software by using Microsoft Recommended Update settings.

Watch the video tutorial to update windows photo viewer software in windows 7.

Do comments if found any difficulty or query.

5 thoughts on “How to Update Windows Photo Viewer Software in Windows 7”

  1. I have the same issue as Mar. I can’t view many of my photos because it says that I don’t have the latest version, which means isn’t not updated. I never had this problem before.

  2. well i too have the need to update Windowns 7 Photo Viewer but unfortunatly when i follow the insturctions all the way to ‘CHECK FOR UPDATES icon from the software menu, there is NO little box or no PhotoViewer box to check. Is this because it’s already updated? But if it is why do i get the need to Update error? I would appreciate a answer thanks.


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