Best Free Music Download Sites for android Phones and PC

Best Free Music Download Sites for android phones and PC with a lot of free audio collections to use for everyone.

While working on YouTube or any other Video Sharing website, we often need some free music to be used as background tracks. Although there is a mass of music available to download, due to copyright issues, it is a little bit risky or illegal to use music from these websites.

In spite of these, there are a lot of free music download sites are available on the internet and mostly can be found under the creative commons license. One can download audio tracks from these sites and use them as background music while editing videos.

The best part of these free music sites is that there is a huge collection of tracks including hip-hop, rock, jazz, etc. available to download, which is fully organized by category vise and artist vise. Moreover, the sites listed usually have updated audio stuff nearly on a daily basis.
best free music download sitesYou can also track suggestions as per search and interests, which will make them a favorite.

Best Free MP3 Music Download Sites online:

Here is the collection of free music download sites, just download free mp3 audio online and use it as you want.

1 – Jamendo:

It is perhaps one of the best music download sites to provide free songs and much more. There are more than 4,80,000 tracks available to download. Most of the content is available under the creative commons license. So one can use them legally and there will be no issue downloading any audio from this site. You can search by genre or by artist for the huge collection of tunes and tracks.

Jamendo music downloads site

The user can also share his own music or track on the themed radio station provided on this site.

2 –

By name, it is not an FM Radio station, rather than it is an online streaming site to listen to mp3 music online. For its lover, it doesn’t bother to register at the site to get free mp3 songs, but just find its downloading section, choose the track, and hit download to make its own.

last fm free music download site

3 – Sound Click:

Another free music download site that has a huge collection of mp3 available. It is one of the oldest online libraries serving over 5 million full tracks available. Not all audio melodies provided on the site is free but still one can find the section having millions of free audio to download.

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sound cloud free mp3 music site

Like other music downloading sites, it has also a radio station. The best part is that one can save its free streaming music online and can listen to it later at his will.

4 – Audio Archive:

It is also a free downloading music site with more than 2 million audio available to use on android and pc.

audio archive free music download site

One can find audio tracks and libraries including golden radio memories. For audio fans, the most attractive part of this audio downloading site is its live audio archive. So waiting just click on any site to start to download mp3 songs.

5 – Pure Volume:

Pure volume is a library that has a huge collection of audio by thousands of singers worldwide. One can use its search feature to find its favorite tracks sung by the artist, and also can download what is most listened to or popular in its genre.

pure volume music download site

Not every track is available to download, but still we can find hundreds and thousands of melodies to get from this website.

Above is the collection of free music download sites, there are also many sites available to use free online mp3 music.

I hope the above info will help next to choose a background audio track for your YouTube video or any other video while editing.

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