How to Setup a Proxy Server in Windows 10

Learn to set up a Proxy Server in Windows 10 with Automatic and Manual Proxy setup in simple steps.

A Proxy server is an intermediate source between computers and the internet. This server makes requests to other websites, servers, and services on the internet for your computer. Every time you type any address in the browser address bar, your server will make a request to access that to another required server.

The use of Proxy servers has become common and essential, especially for large corporate companies. Especially to compress cache, web traffic, and web pages for the internet.

It can save a lot of precious bandwidth for a website, especially when it has hundreds and thousands of employees or account holders accessing it to share data.

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How a Proxy Server Works:

The Working of Proxy servers is very easy, Let’s say we want to access a website by using a Proxy server, so the procedure will take place in the following sequence, (Suppose we have set up a Proxy server on our computer)

Our Computer will send the typed URL of the web page to Proxy Server  >>Proxy server will send this info to Server where our website is hosted  >> Server will again send back info to Proxy Server and then Finally the computer will display the Web page.

How to Setup a proxy server in windows 10 computer

So in this way the proxy servers will serve us cache pages and can save a lot of bandwidth, it can also help to compress traffic.

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In order to set up a proxy server in windows 10, follow the steps:

  • Open the Settings app by pressing Win Key+I or simply search to g for settings.
  • Click on Network and Internet Settings.
  • Click on the Proxy in the Left Side Sub menu and Choose whether you want Automatic or Manual Proxy Setup. (We will go for Automatic Proxy Setup)

In Automatic Proxy Setup, the computer will automatically use a proxy server for Ethernet or Wi-Fi Connections. However, if you want to connect to a specific server, you can provide a “Script Address” by enabling “Use setup script”.

set up a proxy server in windows 10

  • Click “Save” to confirm your settings.
  • So now you have set up an Automatic Proxy Server in your windows 10.

For Manual Proxy Setup follows the steps:

manual proxy setup settings in windows 10

  • Turn off the use setup script and disable the “Script Address” in the Automatic proxy setup first and scroll down to the manual proxy section.
  • Under the Manual proxy setup, slide the bar to enable “Use a proxy server”. Fill in the IP Address and Port Number in the boxes provided. Click “Save” to confirm your settings.

If you want to use a Proxy Server for specific websites, mention their IP Address under the last section. Click again on “Save” to confirm your settings.

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In this way, you can set up a proxy server in windows 10 to get all benefits.

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