find ip address of router on computer or smartphone

How to Find IP address of Router on Computer or Smartphone

We might have faced a situation when either we have to upgrade the firmware of our existing router or want to secure it by changing its default password or may have an issue of IP address conflict. In all cases, we must know the default gateway or have to find router IP address being used.

Although there are many ways to find IP address of a router, I will elaborate those which are valid and user-friendly and also can equally be used on Computer or Smartphone.

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So whether you want to find router IP address on Computer, Mac or smartphone, you are at the right place.

find ip address of router on computer or smartphone

How to Find Router IP address:

Here are some of the simplest way to find your Router IP address at home or office by using Computer or smartphone.

1 – Find IP address of Router without any Software or external device:

So here is the chance that you want to change your wifi password and for this, you need to access your default IP address of Router.

very simple, just Lift your Router, turn upside down and note the default IP address of your electronic router along with username and password.

In most of the cases, the IP address is in the form of or or it may be…its all depends on your internet service provider.

2 – Find Router IP address on Computer by using Command Prompt:

If the first option did not work or you have changed your default Router IP address or even unable to locate the IP address then this method will best work for you, so follow the steps:

  • Open command prompt by following Start Menu > Type cmd to access the command prompt
  • Type the command ipconfig a and press enter
  • windows will soon display the IP address list with your Router’s IP address.

find ip address of router using command prompt

Just note it to access the page to change the password or update the firmware version.

It is also worth mentioning that, if you are connected to your existing network then you can also access it easily from the Timebar (usually located at the bottom right side of your computer screen).

  • So just click on the Internet Connection sign or wifi signal.
  •  Right Click on Network Name > Click Status and Click details
  • New Windows will show your default IP address of Router.

default gateway router ip address
3 – Find Router IP address on Mac:

If you are not a windows user, then this simple method will work for you:

  • Open the Terminal app and run the command route -n get default 

The value of “default gateway” – that’s the address of your router.

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4 – Locate IP address of your Router in Smartphone:

If you are a smartphone user then this idea will help to locate the IP address of your wireless Router.

  • In order to Find Router IP address on iPhone or IPad just go to Settings > Wi-Fi, and then tap the name of your Wi-Fi network. You’ll see the router’s IP address listed as “Router”.
  • To find IP address of Router on Android Phone, there are many third-party apps available, just download it from Google Play Store and have the default gateway of your Router.

Note: If the above-stated processes do not work then you may have to reset to find Router IP address.

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