find all unread emails in Gmail account

How to find all unread Emails in Gmail Account Easily

Gmail is a fast growing, reliable and free email service owned by millions of users worldwide. Due to its variety of features  & applications, everyone has CONFIDENCE in it.

Since most of the communication is being made through this email service, so we may have a lot of emails from various people daily right in our email box. Whether we are the users of pc, laptop or even mobile phone, we wish to filter in such a way that all unread emails in Gmail account can easily list.

find all unread emails in Gmail account

keeping in view of such query, I have summed up today’s post, so that we need not check every folder or highlighted emails from every page to continue reading it.

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Steps to Find all Unread Emails in Gmail Account Easily:

in order to find all unread email messages in Gmail, follow the steps given below:

  • Login to Gmail account and look for search bar within it
  • type in:unread or label:unread in the search bar and press enter
  • All highlighted email messages will be displayed to show all unread emails.

search all unread gmail messages

If you want to check all unread emails from some specific sender, then try the following code:

  • type l:^u from:google¬†where Google is the specific sender, you can also replace the google with some other sender name or email address.

For more advanced option and to make your Gmail search more precise, you can create Gmail Filters to search email, subject and every sort of option, or even block emails from a specific sender in no time.

Hope so you have learned to find all unread emails in Gmail account.

Do comments with your feedback, or any query about Gmail service.

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