use of Event viewer in windows 10

How to Find and Use Windows Event Viewer to Fix Windows Issues

Every windows 10 users must know about Windows Event Viewer or Windows event logs.

Before proceeding let’s have a look what is windows 10 event viewer…?

Every Time we logged in our computer, open or close any application or even faced any error, each and every event is recorded by our operating system as event log in the form of errors, information, and warning messages in XML file format.

Whether we logged as administrator, username or even guest, windows event viewer will note each of our activity in a separate log to show all activity performed on windows.

use of windows Event viewer in windows 10

How to Access Windows Event Viewer in Windows 10:

In order to use windows event viewer, we must know the ways to access it to see all activities performed.

So here are the six simple ways to open it in windows 10, just follows:

1 – Through Windows icon:

  • Right Click on the Windows icon.
  • Go for event viewer and have access to it.

2 – Open it through Windows Cortana or Search Bar:

Windows 10 has built-in search assistant known as Cortana, so Let’s use it to find windows event viewer:

  • Click on the search (besides Windows 10 icon)
  • type event viewer 

open windows activity log via windows icon and cortana

3 – Get Event Viewer Through Windows Run Command:

  • Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog.
  • enter eventvwr (or eventvwr.msc) and hit OK

4 – Open Event Viewer through Command Prompt:

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type eventvwr and press enter to access event log

5 – Use Windows Control Panel to access event viewer in Windows 10:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Type event viewer in the search bar and hit enter to view windows event logs.

6 – Open in This PC:

  • Open This PC, type event in the search bar and look for windows event logs to open it.

How to Use Windows event Viewer to See all Windows event logs:

After getting access to event viewer through different ways described, let’s see on which ways this may be helpful to a windows user.

event viewer in windows 10

Here is the detailed method to use Windows event viewer to see all activity logs.

  • Open Windows event viewer in one of the methods described above.
  • Event Viewer windows will display three different categories as Custom Views, Windows Logs, Application and Service Logs.

By clicking on the categories described, you will see hundreds and thousands of windows event logs containing information like:

  • Error – (in Red Symbol) Showing significant problem, possibly including loss of data.
  • Warnings – (in Yellow Symbol) Not necessarily significant, but might indicate that there’s a
  • Information – (in Light Blue bubble) Just to inform it is OK, so no need to worry about it.

Even if a Windows is running error free it might have some issues that are unseen and may cause a long-term problem.

How to use Windows Event Logs to Solve Windows Problems:

In order to get info about any error showing by windows event viewer, just follow the procedure:

  • Double click on any windows event and track its event id.
  • Copy event id and search in Google or in any other search engine to get info about it.
  • If it is an error then you may get a solution to it, which may help to prevent your operating system next time from such errors.

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So by using the above info about windows event viewer, we might get access to windows event logs location to diagnose all problem or error that our windows are facing.

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