Top 14 Ways to Customize the Taskbar in Windows 10

The taskbar is the most frequently accessed area of windows. While considering Windows 10, Microsoft has made some special features in it. Besides these, you have an equal & powerful option to customize the taskbar in Windows 10 to make it more accessible.

It is time to decide the best configuration settings for Windows 10 taskbar. The settings that make your roaming easy and user-friendly. In such a way you need not wait to pop it here and there.

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Ways to Customize Taskbar in Windows 10:

Here are the 14 easy and accessible techniques to customize the windows 10 taskbar, so keep on reading.

customize taskbar in windows 10

1 – Auto-Hide the Windows 10 Taskbar:

Sometimes you don’t like to see your windows taskbar display, especially when recording screen using some windows software for some tutorial or visiting websites.

Then you need not do more because you can set it to automatically hide, and It will display only when you hover the mouse over it. So just give it  try:

  • Right-click on the taskbar > Click Settings and turn on Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode.
  • You have done

automatically hide taskbar and use small buttons in windows 10

2 – Use Small Taskbar Buttons to accommodate more:

If you don’t want the buttons (icons ) large enough, just to spare some space for more icons, do follow:

  • Right Click the Taskbar > Click Settings > Check the option of using small taskbar buttons

3 – Lock Taskbar :

If you want to display the windows 10 taskbar look as the default, and don’t want to move it accidentally or resize it, then this option is the best for you:

  • Right, Click the Taskbar > check Lock all taskbars from the menu that pops up.

lock the taskbar in windows 10

4 – Move Taskbar on any Side of Desktop:

The taskbar in Windows 10 is by default located at the bottom, but If you want to see your taskbar at any other location on the desktop. Then follow:

  • Right Click on Taskbar and see if the option of Lock the taskbar is not ticked.
  • Now Click on the taskbar and drag it to Left, Right, or Top of the Screen, where you want.
  • Now again Right Click on the Taskbar and Check the option of Lock the taskbar again to lock it.

5 – Customize Task view Button:

Task view is new Windows 10 feature, that lets you use all your windows simultaneously and access them quickly.

This small button is usually located in the taskbar near the Cortana search feature.

If you don’t want to see it then:

  • Right Click the taskbar > and click the Show Task View button to toggle it off.

taskview button in windows 10 taskbar

6 – See More Icons by Resizing the Taskbar:

If you have opened many browser windows or working on many programs at a time, then it will not possible to see all icons simultaneously.

So just do a little:

  • Right-click the taskbar and see if the option of Lock the taskbar is unchecked.
  • Hover the mouse on the taskbar near the screen (an extensions arrow will be displayed)
  • Drag the taskbar and let it resizes.

7 – Add Address and Links Toolbar to Taskbar:

If you want to access your important website quickly without even opening your browser, then this option is for you:

  • Right, Click the taskbar > Move the pointer to Toolbars > Click Address to add the address bar to the taskbar.
  • Similarly, you can add Links to add your more visited website links right from your taskbar.

customize toolbars in windows 10 taskbar

8 – Add New Toolbar to Taskbar:

New Toolbar is nothing but just a folder of your choice.

Say if you want to access your folder frequently without following its path, then this option may help to do so:

  • Right, Click the Taskbar > Move Pointer to Toolbars > Click New Toolbar to add the folder of your choice.

9 – Change the Color of the Taskbar:

To change the color of your taskbar in Windows 10, follow:

  • Go to Settings Personalization > Colors > Scroll down to Scroll to the bottom of the screen and make sure Show color on Start, taskbar, action center, and the title bar is turned on. Choose the color you want to use and your taskbar will change to reflect your choice.

10 – Make Taskbar Transparent:

If you want to make the taskbar transparent, then:

  • Go to Settings Personalization > Colors > search for Make Start, taskbar, and action center transparent.
  • Just turn on it to make the taskbar transparent.

11 – Hide Cortana (Search Bar) :

Cortana is a wonderful windows 10 assistant. But if you don’t want to see it at the windows 10 taskbar just because it is using a lot of taskbar’s valuable space, then just follow:

  • Right Click the Taskbar > Move Pointer to Search > Check Hidden to hide the Cortana search bar.

12 – Add or Remove Icons from the Windows taskbar :

If you want to add more icons to the taskbar or want to remove the existing one, then follow:

  • Want to Remove: Right-Click on any Existing icon > Click Unpin this program from the taskbar to remove it.
  • Want to Add: Just Select the Icon from Desktop > Drag and drop it on the taskbar to add it.

13 – Customize Icons from System Tray :

It is easy for windows 7 or 8 users to customize system tray icons through keyboard shortcuts or by right-clicking on them. But there is some difference for Windows 10, just follow:

  • Go to Settings > Click System (Display, notifications, apps, power)
  •  Click Notifications and actions.
  • Click which system tray icons you want to appear, just turn it on.

14 – Hide the Peak Button:

Every Windows taskbar has the feature of a peak button. It is used to Show Desktop quickly by clicking on it.

In Windows 10 the desktop can be quickly seen by just hovering the mouse on it.

hide the peak button in windows 10 taskbar

If you don’t want this feature to be at the taskbar in Windows 10, then just follow:

  • Right, Click the taskbar > Properties > Unchecked the option of Use peek to preview the desktop when you move your mouse to the Show desktop button at the end of the taskbar.

In this, you can easily customize the taskbar in Windows 10 and make it more user-friendly and accessible.

Want to Check Windows System Logs to access all errors, warnings, and info, don’t hesitate.

Do comment, if you have any queries regarding the customization of the taskbar in Windows 10.

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