5 Best WordPress CDN Services to Load Website Faster- (Reviewed and Compared )

Are you looking for the best WordPress CDN services for your website? the CDN Service that can reduce the page loading time of your website, which can cache your static content in your nearby geographical location, can reduce data load on your hosting server.

Then you should need the best  CDN services provider, which must be reliable, comparatively in range, and can easily speed up your website to make it more accessible and may increase its SERPS.

So why wait…

You are at the right place to choose the best WordPress CDN Services, provider.

best cdn services for wordpress

Before going towards the detailed comparison of the best WordPress CDN Services for your website, first of all, Let’s see what is CDN, why we need it, and How it works.

What is CDN?

CDN or content delivery network is a bunch of data servers that are located geographically across the world in different regions. The purpose of these servers is to provide the cache of your static files for your website users from their nearby geographical location.

Why We Need a Content Delivery Network (CDN):

For most bloggers, shared hosting is their prime preference. Although there is a list of some good web hosting service providers, or even in the case of the dedicated host, the only data source is the web hosting servers.

So, due to heavy visitor traffic or data communication between the website and the web server, the website performance may effect by increasing its loading time.

Alternatively, may decrease its rankings and decrease its conversions. So hosting your static content through CDN is deemed necessary.

How CDN Works to Speedup your WordPress Site:

Normally, our WordPress hosting company serves our website from a single server. It means all the core data, and static files including images and videos are served from that server.

So when a user visits the website, the required information is fetched from our hosting servers. Imagine if we have a lot of traffic, then each and every visitor will engage the server and as a result, there may be a huge load on the server. alternatively, it may slow down our website.

During peak traffic hours, the situation may become more critical and even in some cases your server may be crashed, As and result,  your website is off for some time, which may be a loss of traffic and conversions. So your web host may recommend you for a higher traffic plan.

Also, the delay in website loading may result in a decrease in rankings and conversions.

But in the case of a Content Delivery Network, most of the static data is hosted from them their nearest server and so pages are served to them more quickly and effectively.

Which will save the bandwidth of our WordPress hosting server?

So, that’s why CDN Services for your WordPress website is recommended.

Best WordPress CDN Services Providers for our Website:

Let’s take a look at the 5 best CDN providers for our WordPress website and what they have special for their WordPress users.

I have compiled them due to their reliability and performance.

1 – Cloudflare:

Cloudflare is the name of quality both in the field of website security from illegal access as well as a widely used CDN service for WordPress.

This CDN service will make your WordPress website super fast by caching all your major content right from their globally hosted servers.

cloudflare wordpress cdn service

The key point of this best WordPress CDN provider is the security of illegal access and DDoS attacks. Like other WordPress CDN service providers, Cloudflare does not charge an extra amount for bandwidth usage.

You can avail of their services for free for a lifetime at the beginner level. For more advanced services, you have to purchase their paid packages.

You can upgrade to their paid plans from 20$/month.

Visit the Website for more info.

2 – KeyCDN:

KeyCDN is another good plan for WordPress CDN services.

They also have geographical servers in their subdivided regions to serve content from their WordPress CDN servers.

keycdn service

The best part of their CDN services is the “Pay as you go plan” which means you pay for what you use, along with a minimum fixed payment. This is good for smaller websites but maybe not so good for those receiving heavy traffic.

They also offer free SSL certificates to secure websites.

KeyCDN is easy to set up on WordPress websites using its own plugin and is also compatible with famous WordPress cache plugins. It will also offer CDN services for other famous platforms along with WordPress.

One can try their free CDN services for a month with limited data centers.

They have a powerful dashboard to display the analytics, bandwidth, and amount spent.

Visit the Website for more info.

3 – Rackspace:

Rackspace is another good and reliable name on the list of the best WordPress CDN service providers.

While using this CDN service, you have the option to upload static files including images, large HD videos, and other data in multi parts, and can download them as a single file.

rackspace cdn

Like other Content delivery networks, it has also servers in all major parts of the world to provide data to users from their nearby locations.

Starting from the per GB package, they also have great plans for their valued customers.

Visit the Website for more info.

4 – Incapsula:

Incapsula is another popular Content delivery data solution for your WordPress websites.

It also has data centers in famous countries of the world to access data from their nearest server. It is capable of providing a superfast service for different needs like online stores, SaaS businesses, or on-demand video streaming.

incapsula content delivery network provider

Incapsula offers firewalls, 24/7 website security from DDoS attacks, SSL, and other services along with their paid plans.

However, free customers can avail of their limited services.

Visit the website for more info.

5 – MaxCDN:

MaxCDN (now it is called Stackpath) is no doubt one of the best WordPress CDN service providers of its kind. Due to its advanced cache technology enriched with the fastest SSD Drives and the network of data centers across the globe. It is famous and reliable for most website owners.

MaxCDN WordPress CDN services provider

The best thing about this CDN service is its easy setup with some of the best WordPress cache plugins like w3total cache, WordPress super cache, or even some other known names.

It has some flexible packages for beginners and even advanced-level WordPress users.

One can fully customize the data locations and can view reports. Moreover, its powerful control panel lets you control different cache options for your website.

Other Best CDN Providers for WordPress:

There is a list of CDN providers for websites, including free, trial, and paid options.

I have compiled some of them, listed below:

  • Sucuri
  • Stackpath
  • CDN77
  • Cachefly
  • CDNify
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Microsoft Azure CDN
  • JetPack Photon
  • Akamai
  • Fastly
  • Google Cloud CDN
  • SpaceCDN
  • Inxy
  • Swarmify
  • Cloudinary
  • Bootstrap CDN
  • JsDelivr
  • Kollective
  • Section.io
  • Yottaa
  • Alibaba Cloud CDN
  • Bonus
  • CoralCDN

Final Thoughts On The Best WordPress CDN Services (Free & Paid):

The above elaborated Content Delivery Network providers will give you an idea that if you want that your website users access data more quickly and in a secure way. if you have a small website having less traffic try Cloudflare, but for high-traffic websites, MaxCDN is recommended.

Do comment, if you have an idea for more WordPress CDN services providers.

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