How to delete Facebook Search History From PC and Smartphone Permanently

Facebook is one of the most popular social media to communicate and sharing thoughts with other Facebook users around the Globe. Along with these features, it can also be used for other social media marketing activities to promote their business.

For this people are usually used the Facebook Search feature to explore new persons, groups, and pages.

This activity is not only specific to business but can also be being used for the common Facebook users to search for friends and remote persons.

Delete Facebook Search History completely on computer and android smartphone

So whenever we type any keyword to search for any person in the Facebook search bar, it will give different options matching our requirements. In this, the way Facebook system will automatically store all Search activities at a place in the form of Facebook Search History.

One can access this search history at any time to see his all activities right from his joining Facebook. These searches are good to see the common queries made by you.

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Learn to delete Facebook Search History From computers and smartphones permanently:

Just like Google and other search engines, Facebook has also refined its search. So that Facebook users can search queries in a natural way.

Although it is good to keep these searches appear, somehow if you don’t want to see them then this article is for you.

It is very easy to delete all Facebook search history from the computer and smartphone at once.

Let’s discuss these two methods separately, just follow the steps:

Delete History On Facebook Search Bar from Computer:

1: Log in to Facebook and click on the Facebook search bar.

2: Click on the Edit option in the top right corner of the Facebook search bar.

facebook recent searches

( you can also visit your Time Line Page > view activity log > Click More > and then choose search from the list.)

3: On your Facebook Search History page, you have the option to either delete your search queries one by one or delete them at Once.

facebook search history page

4: To delete a search query individually, click the Edit button next to Lock. Click Delete.

5: A dialog box will appear to confirm the delete, Click Remove Search.

Clear Searches of Facebook Search History Permanently

6: To delete all Facebook Search History at Once, Look for the Clear Searches option at the top of the page.

It is worth mentioning that Once you delete any search history, you will not be able to retrieve them again, Neither in search history nor in the search bar.

Delete Facebook Search History from Smartphone:

In order to clear all search history of your Facebook account, follow the steps:

1: Go to the Facebook App on your smartphone.

2: Click on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner.

3: Scroll down to find Activity Log, and tap to open it.

facebook activity log search history page on smartphone

4: Tap Filter on the activity log Screen.

5: Scroll down the list and look for Search History, Tap Search History.

facebook activity log page smartphone

6: You will find the Facebook Search History Screen.

7: To remove any search query, just Click on the Cross Button and Tap Remove to confirm the delete.

8: To delete Facebook Search History in a single click, just Tap Clear Searches and Tap Confirm to delete.

So in this way you can clear Facebook Search History from your Computer and Android Phone permanently.

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