How To Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android Phone

While playing YouTube videos on an android phone, we often wished to use other applications as well. Just as we are checking emails or sending a text to someone and live streaming of our favorite YouTube videos is there in the background to increase our happy moments.

But this is not possible, because as soon as we tapped into another app YouTube will stop playing Videos automatically both in the browser as well as in the YouTube app. So we have to stick to one app…

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Although there are many third-party apps, that claim to open YouTube and play videos in the background. So while using these apps, YouTube videos will float on the screen and you can enjoy YouTube live streaming by adjusting the small screen on your mobile display. This is right up to some extent.

But, what do you think if I introduce a simple way through which you can play YouTube videos in the background while using another android app or checking email in another browser?

You are not far away to get the tips.

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How to Play YouTube Videos in Background by using Google Chrome on Android Phone:

If you don’t want to load your phone memory by the third-party app to enable YouTube Videos to play in the background, then the following lines are for you.

1 – Open Google Chrome or any other browser on your Android Phone.

2 – Open and play any video or search video to play.

3 – Go to the browser menu and choose “Desktop Site” to switch to the desktop version of your YouTube website.

4 – Tap the Play button to play YouTube video and switch to any other app.


5 – YouTube will stop Playback the video. Don’t worry, just pull down the notification bar and tap the play icon in the drawer to resume the video playback.
YouTube will play the video in the background now. You can easily switch to another android app to keep enjoying the YouTube videos in the background.

Hope the above few lines will help to enjoy the live YouTube video streaming in the background while using other apps.

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