How to Edit PDF Files Without Adobe Acrobat Reader

PDF files have become a very essential part of file format to exchange documents including MS Office, CAD drawings, government documents, invoices, and almost every kind of form and other legal documents.

The main reason behind the use of this file format is:

  • Easy to convert documents of every kind including pictures and voice notes to PDF File format.
  •  Easy to compact so Smaller in size than the original document.
  • Not easy to Edit and can be used in reading only or for print purposes,s especially when considering some govt. forms or some sort of legal document.
  • Easy to open on any computer, mobile even online and offline both in the office, home or on the go.

There are also many reasons to use PDF Files for communications.

Edit PDF Files Online and Offline

As in common practice, when we need to view or edit PDF Files then we should have Adobe Acrobat Reader. But still, there should be some way to view these files without an official PDF Reader.

So let’s learn.

2 Ways to Edit PDF Files without Adobe Reader:

In today’s tutorial, I will introduce some offline and online alternative sources to view and edit PDF files for free. In some cases, you may need to download these alternative PDF readers but overall these are free to edit or view PDF files.

1- Online Free PDF Files Editors:

The easiest and most handy way to view PDF Files is the online sources. Especially if you want it quick and your documents do not contain any sensitive info or want to make minor changes in them, then online PDF Editors are the best source for you.

In many cases, all you need is to upload the PDF files to their web server and view or edit them to make them print or even save them online for further reference.

Although there are many online PDF Files Editors, I will follow up on the ones that are reliable and secure.

  • PDFescape: use it free to view, and edit your existing documents, or even create new ones online. Although it has the limitation of uploading file size of 10MB or 100 pages still you have a chance to even create password-protected PDF files online for free. Along with their free online PDF Editor, you can also try their desktop tool.
  • PDFBuddy: With their drag and drop method, one can free and easy to use it to view and edit PDF files up to 3 per month.
  • PDFFro: PDF Pro is one of the best and most free sources to edit PDF Files Online. You can view, files in PDF format like a pro. If you want to add images or change text format or want to convert PDF files to Word or other MS Office Format then you need not go to any other online source.
  • GoogleDocs: If you have not accessed the original file then it is easy to convert that file into a Word document online using your Google Docs. Then convert these documents back to PDF file format using some PDF Writer. You have the option to either view the file directly or even in scanned image form.

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2 – Offline Ways to Edit PDF Files without having Adobe PDF Reader:

After getting in touch with the online methods, here are the third-party handy PDF Editors to view PDF Files offline.

  • PDF Element: PDF Element is an excellent offline source to view and edit PDF Files. This handy source has almost all the properties that Acrobat Reader has. You can view, edit, convert, combine, or organize any size and number of PDF files in a professional manner. You can even search or edit a scanned PDF file. This application is equally useful in Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms.
  • Inkscape: Another useful tool to view and edit files in PDF format in a more professional way. You can edit to replace images, text, and signatures and remove blocks of text without disturbing its original file format. So just download the software and have PDF Editing like a pro.
  • ApowerPDF: One of the famous PDF Editors that can edit PDF Files both offline and online. Just visit online or download software on your computer and Edit PDF documents by changing images, formatting text, or adding watermarks.
  • PDF-Xchange Editor: A powerful PDF viewer and editor to add style to convert PDF documents to Word. Besides desktop functions, one can enjoy its Firefox or Internet Explorer ads to deal with PDF files.

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There are also many other sources both online and offline to Edit PDF Files, so comment on your favorite one.

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