Best Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail Address Service

10 Minute mail is an excellent email service being used by many internet marketers.  By name, it is a disposable, temporary email that lasts only for 10 minutes and vanished completely after 10 minutes. Although some of the temporary emails provide the service for 15 or 20 minutes or wish as long you want but 10minute mail is famous among them.

Before proceeding to the alternatives to a 10-minute mail list, let’s first see why one needs this fake email address.

Why We Need a Temporary Email Address:

In order to provide services like online transactions, some websites want confirmation through emails. So if you don’t want to use your real email address for such verification purposes, looking forward to skipping a certain Login or registering process. and want to hide your identity, then a private email address is a more convenient and easy way for such formality.

The best part of this temporary mail address is that it secures your privacy and avoids spam emails. Moreover, you also don’t need to bother about your inbox privacy, because all emails will automatically delete after 10-minute.

5 Best Alternatives to 10 Minute mail service:

While looking for alternatives to a 10-minute mail address, you might be looking for such a facility to provide a temporary email address and look real.

alternatives to 10 minute mail service.

Although there is an online collection of fake mail generators, most of them do not provide an email that looks real or in your own name. Also, you might be conscious not to share your email info with someone else so that your email address might be secured.

In the above scenario, you might be looking for some alternative ways to generate a temporary email address. Here is the collection for you.

1- MailDrop:

maildrop temporary 10 minute mail address

MailDrop is an excellent service to generate a temporary email address online that can be set up in a few minutes. It will give you the option to choose a personal email address name of your own choice or you can select one from the suggested list. So you will skip all the registration process and will get a perfect alternative to a ten-minute mail address.

While using the extension it is equally applicable to most of the websites for verification. It is a free 10-minute mail service to connect in a more secure and reliable way.

2- Mailnator:

mailnator a ten minute email generator

Just similar to drop mail, Mailnator is equally famous for providing free disposable email. 

This temporary email will last for a few hours. You can also choose the email name of your own choice or the one suggested by the site. It also offers multiple inboxes for your single email address.

So use this 10-minute mail service and secure your identity.

3- Guerrilla Mail:

Guerrila mail dispodable address

Guerrilla Mail – a disposable temporary email address service is one of the oldest fake mail providers. This open-source provides temporary mail service for the last three decades. The unique quality of this mail service is the duration of the email address and inbox.

Unlike other 10-minute mail providers, Guerrilla Mail inbox lasts as long as the session is alive, so that you can enjoy your inbox and temporary email for a longer duration than described earlier.

4- Fake Mail Generator:

fake mail generator

Just like a name, a fake mail generator provides the temporary email address of your desired name from multiple domain names.

So you have the liberty to select any name within seconds to use anywhere on the internet without completing the process or unwanted registration and login process.

5- Nada:

Nada temporary disposable email address

Nada or getnada is a free temporary email provider that also gives you the name of your own choice besides the one suggested by the site itself. The uniqueness of this email address is the life of its inbox for 7 days, which is more than any 10-minute mail provider. You can also have the liberty to choose your login name ending with more than 30 domain names.

Other alternatives to 10 Minute mail Providers:

Besides the above elaborated temporary disposable email providers, here is the list of more for your interest. Just Google to know about them.

  • Spamgourmet
  • Dispostable
  • Bouncr
  • Air Mail
  • Yop Mail
  • Harakirimail
  • Inbox Bear
  • Temp Mail
  • Expire Box
  • Burner Mail
  • Temp Mail Address
  • Drop Mail
  • 33 Mail
  • Melt Mail
  • Trash Mail

Hope so you must give a try to the above-described alternative to 10-minute mail services, do share if you know any other in the comment section below.

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