How to use Opera Browser with Free VPN for Android Users

Do you want a built-in free VPN for your Android browser, then there is nothing frequent and handy other than Opera.

Unlike other known browsers, Opera has an option to use a secure and encrypted connection by using its built-in VPN for its Android users. The best thing about this free VPN service is its availability for both windows and android users. So whether you want to access blocked websites or want some end-to-end encrypted and secure internet connection then you can try Opera VPN Service for free.

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How to use Free VPN on Android and Windows using Opera Browser:

The Opera VPN is completely free and the user does even not need to set up an account to get it. According to Opera, its VPN does not log user data or even not make an attempt to monetize any aspect of the VPN.

So just download the browser and use opera VPN to get a secure connection.

Opera free VPN Browsers for android

You may follow the steps listed below to activate the free VPN first time on your android based Opera Browser:

  1. Settings > Privacy > VPN
  2. Click on the icon on the address bar showing VPN status to ON.
  3. Select Your desired virtual location to receive a secure connection.
  4. You can OFF VPN status in the same way described above.

Opera VPN Browser has the following features to get it prominent from others:

  • Free to use
  • Easy to install and use, just get this browser, and enable VPN service from the app menu.
  • Set your desired virtual location by hiding your IP address.
  • Inbuilt VPN with 256-bit encryption.
  • Provide secure connection and protect user location and data.
  • Will not register logs of users to make secure data sharing.
  • No further extension is needed to use VPN.
  • No upload or download data limit.

The updated Opera browser, with free built-in service, can be downloaded from the Play store.

Hope so the next time you will be not worried to access a Free android based VPN.

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