7 Steps to Create a Perfect and Engaging animated video

Animations have been growing for a decade now. Its increasing use in the corporate and entertainment industry has created a space to develop tools that ease the creation of videos. These tools are also altering the constant efficacy to produce animated videos. However, efficient tools and software are not enough to create an engaging video that has the ability to affect the audience at a huge.

Technology growth never defines the effectiveness of the output, however, the process does. It is significant to focus on the step that leads to the final output. Before starting the process, the animator must be aware of the new technologies, their instant use, and the techniques of creation. Moreover, creating a story in animation video is not only contained with a single artist that has expertise in animations but also a creative writer contributes equally to the storyline.

The creation of animation videos is an art that sometimes requires an expert agency that has mastered story writing, video, and animation production so that it can provide a package full outcome.

Moreover, this article is written for the new animators that need to enhance their animation video skills.

7 steps to create a perfect and engaging animated video

Steps to Create a Perfect and engaging animated video

Creating animated videos is not the usual way to engage the readers but there should be some strategy to create perfect and engaging videos.

Following are the intensive steps that must take to create an effective animation video. Just go through the procedure and you will master the trend.

1-An inspiration for a strong story:

Before you start the project, the initial phase that you have to cover is to take inspiration. It is the concept that you will deliver in the video. This step involves thorough research on the topic you deliver. Make a set of storylines that you think can be a part of the outcome. Analyze their plots and refine the most suited plot for your project. This step is the most difficult stage as it is the point where the animator starts the process with the constant consideration of the final outcome. The researching will also help you in portraying the concept on a wider scope, because the more you search for a topic, the more you understand it and ultimately you create more opportunities for its presentation.

2-Fix the focus of your video:

After you finalize your inspiration, the next step is to decide the focus of your video. In this step, the factors need to be dominant in the video. For instance, a business owner making an animated video for marketing purpose need to focus on the promotion of its product or service. While an education, video focuses on the elements that create a better understanding of the concept. Moreover, if your purpose is storytelling then your video should revolve around a strong storyline. Hence, at this stage, all you need to do is a decision of prominence in the video.

3-Create a storyboard:

This preeminent step creates interest for the viewer. It is critical to decide the video scenes and their order. Here, it is important to work on the first and opening scene because the first scene is the deciding element for the viewer to either continue the video or not. Moreover, the last and climax of the video are equally important because the viewer is always expecting to gain something from the content. Therefore, an effective opening and closing will make your animated video outshine.

4-Writing the script of the video:

A video needs a proper script for the execution. The writer should take this stage with significant focus. Resolve the issues of plots and write the complete set of dialogues that must use in the project.

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5-Develop a relevant character:

A video is successful with a strong storyline and a powerful character. Design the character keeping the motive in mind. Because the character is the key depiction of your concept. Therefore, thoughtful analysis is necessary while designing a relevant and perfect character. Provide your character or characters with attractive traits that enhance their personalities. The characters are the main influential element in your animated video. Therefore, you have to progressively think and develop it.

6-Choose the animation type:

Numerous animation techniques are available that have different purposes and concepts. List down all the possible animation types and write the merits and demerits of using each type for your specific animation video. This will help you in identifying the best-suited type for your video. After you finalize the type, check for the available software that may help you in creating your animation video with ease.

7-Take honest feedback:

For a perfect outcome, it is necessary to take feedback on your work. This will help you in eliminating and enhancing your finalized video to make it more effective to the audience. You can also conduct surveys at this stage that contain your video. Moreover, it is significant to choose the right audience at this point so that you get the rightest feedback for your creation.

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