Top 10 Best Free Online Video Converters

A video converter is a software or computer program that can convert video files of one format to another or recompress them so that they can be reduced in size, or share with others in easy steps and in no time.

Moreover, not all devices support all video formats, so they might need to convert the video files into other formats.

But choosing the right online video converter is not easy, because the internet is packed up with many that claimed to be one of the best free video converters but still have their limits.

Some of the websites have a lot of popups or ads and others might be the size conversion limits that make it practically difficult to convert longer videos or they may enforce add watermark.

So the question is still there, what should be the reliable, free, and best online source of video file converter?

You need no more roam, just stick and go through all the best free online video converters for your reference.

Top Best Online Video Converters to convert video files to other formats

Besides Conversion, you have the option to download video files straight to your computer.

Top 10 Best Online Video Converters:

Here are the detail and use of the best online video converters for HD quality output formats.

1-Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter:

Apowersoft is no doubt one of the best converters with a lot of unique and impressive properties.

You need not download it to convert your video files into the desired output format. Although it is a browser-based online converter and you have to simply download a launcher program for the first time.

You can not only upload unlimited videos to convert but can also add watermark, apply certain filters, adjust volume, set resolution, bit rate, and frame rate, and even can rotate and trim a video clip with a single click, you can share it on social media.

So why wait just give a try Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter.


Cloudconvert is the second most favorite online video converting platform.

You can convert a huge file size into many file formats by uploading it from a local computer, Dropbox, a URL, or simply from Google Drive.

You can not only convert video files but can also cut the clip, add subtitles, and set resolution, and bit rate.

Along with converting videos, it can also convert spreadsheets, audio files, vector sheets, and presentations to other file formats.

So download Cloudconvert for converting video files online.


Clipchamp is a handy online video converter. You can convert a large file up to 20 GB into your desired video output format with attractive tools and features like resolution settings, video quality, and clip cropping.

The video converted through this software can easily be played on Mac as well as on the computer. It is also famous for webcam video recording.

4-Online UniConverter (originally

It is one of the fastest, easy to convert video files online with a lot of features and output file formats. You can convert longer videos with attractive output filters.

One best thing about this software is its use online and offline, yes you can download it on your desktop and freely convert video files.

So visit Online Uniconverter by Wondershare to have your desired output file format.

5-Online Video Converter:

This is one of the best software that can convert files from famous sources like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, a URL, or from another source.

Just put a video file link, upload the file, and convert it into many known file formats.

You can also upload video files from your local computer with a single click.

So just visit this online video converting software.

6-Convert Files:

Convert files is a simple and user-friendly video converting source.

Along with video conversion, it is also mainly used to convert files of any kind to the desired output format like Microsoft Office, Autocad, PDF, audio, and many more.

It can not only convert files uploaded from a computer or through URL but can also be from famous social media video sharing sites like Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, etc.

Although it has not had too many editing tools for the output file format, still it is handy to use to convert your video files into many famous file formats.

So visit to take look at the convert files platform.

7-Convert to Video Files Online:

If you only want to convert video files online without adding special effects, then converting to video files online is for you.

You can convert files into your required file format with fast uploading both through URL and local computer.

Don’t miss to check these Windows DVD maker alternatives software.

8-a convert:

A covert is another best video converter, that can not only use to convert files into famous video formats but can also convert PDF documents, ebooks, images, and audio files to other files format.

You can also change the file size, bit rate, frame rate, and other features to your online converted video file.

So just visit a converting website to say hello to this online video converter.


Convertio is another widely used free video converting source with lots of supported output video file formats.

You can not only convert videos but can also convert audio, documents, PDF, and spreadsheets along with more than 280 formats.

So just visit the website to look at the great video converting a web page.


Zamzar is a widely used online video file converter.

With its simple layout, you can upload files from a URL or computer with a click to convert them to your required file format like MP4, MP3, WAV, GIF, FLAC, and many more.

Although it is a video converter, it is to convert any file like DOC, Excel, PDF, or Autocad to your file format.

Do comments with your favorite online video converters.

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