How to Enable Windows 10 Dark Mode Theme

These days Mobile Phones, iPads and Tabs has become the source of info,entertainment and business on the go.

There is no escape of it.

You have to switch among these and keep yourself intact with the small and large display screens. Although, these gadgets are enough but PC and laptops has their own important to deal with the operating systems and programs at office, school or even in home.

Continues use of laptops or PC may not healthy for the eyes, so there is an option to modify the display with dark mode in windows 10.

enable dark mode in windows 10

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Why to use Dark Mode in Windows 10:

Enabling dark mode is not only the change of theme color to dark or black, but there are some reasons to do so:

  • Prolong use of these blue screens may damage for our health in number of ways including the strain in eyes, so dark mode will give you soothing effect and will help to use the screen for long hours.
  • It will display less light that will not only save battery life especially if you have device with OLED display.
  • The less light also not disturb the nearby by people that are sleeping.

With windows 10 dark mode, you can also customize its apps and windows display colors to make them as you want.

How to Enable Windows 10 Dark Mode Theme:

Follow these steps to turn on windows 10 dark theme to make it convenient.

  1. From Start Menu, click SettingsĀ and go for Personalization in the next windows.
  2. in the left Navigation pan, click Colors.
  3. Under the “Choose your Colors” drop down menu, choose Dark to turn on the dark mode also known as night mode in windows 10.

windows 10 dark mode

In order to get the true replica of colors, you can also customize themes to make it light and dark.

Follow the steps:

windows 10 customize theme

  • In the settings>Personalization>Colors choose Custom in the drop down menu under “Choose your Colors”.
  • Pick Light or Dark for your default windows display as well as for your apps.
  • Select different colors from the palette one by one and see that suit your choice.
  • Once the theme colors is selected, you can select Accent Colors that will appear on icons, titles and other windows display options.
  • Next there is an option to display your accent color to appear, you can check two boxes to show colors at start, taskbar and action center along with as title bars and windows border.

What if Windows 10 Dark Mode is not Working in File Explorer:

If you are facing the above titled issue, then there are some chances:

  • You have not updated Windows 10 to its latest version.
  • Re apply the settings again to get the dark mode.
  • Modify the System Registry of your computer.
  • Switch to default Windows 10 theme.
  • Update video Drivers to latest version either manually or automatically through some third party software.
  • Modify the windows apps that you have either added recently or check them one by one.
  • Run System File checker to see any trouble in the windows operating system, you can also use windows event viewer to find the windows issue.

In this way you can enable the windows 10 dark mode and can customize its theme and accent colors to make it more attractive and user-friendly.

Don’t forget to enable these settings for fast startup of Windows 10.

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