6 Best Google Docs Alternatives

Google Docs is no doubt a perfect online source to store, share and edit documents online and on the go. Most of the internet users have become part of this online utility to work individually and in the group. Although Google Docs has wrapped up with all necessary feature and it has become a reliable and feature-rich document editing and management app.still there are some persons that are looking for Google Docs Alternatives with similar features and services.


best Google Docs Alternatives

The best part of these alternative online tools is their use just similar to Google Doc for single and multiple users.

6 Best online Google Docs Alternatives-Free and Paid:

If you are looking for some of the best Google Docs alternatives, then you need not roam any more, but just pick from the list below.

  • Microsoft Office Online
  • Only Office
  • Quip
  • Cryptpad
  • Zoho Docs
  • Dropbox Paper

So Let’s go through each of the above one by one to see the difference of features.

1-Microsoft Office Online:

Looking for a secure alternative to Google Docs, then Microsoft Office online should be your first choice.

Enriched with all similar features as Google Docs, it has become quite popular among the web-based users. The online service contained web-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint along with “One Note” as a text editor.

microsoft office online google docs

A user can add, edit the documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as text editor online just as similar to its Desktop-based version in offline mode. It means you have all your important documents with full formatting and Excel formulas on the go to view and modify any day at any time.

However, the user needs to save files in OneDrive account to synchronize it with Microsoft office online.

2-Only Office:

Only Office has provided the 30 day trial period to access its premium online office suit. Here you will find nearly every feature that Google Docs offers. With the Only Office suite, a user can create and modify Word documents, create spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides online with full features and advanced tools.

only office google docs

However, the only office user needs to connect their DropBox, OnDrive and Google Drive account to the Only Office to take advantage of this Google Docs alternatives.


If you want a simple interface to play with text files enriched with images, then Quip should be at your list. With a simple and attractive interface, a user can upload, view and modify the documents online for articles writing and office-based work for sale & purchase.

Quip docs chat spread sheet

Although it has not all features like Google Docs, however, it has some advanced features for all documents synced across Quip comes with a chat option. The chat feature makes it easy to discuss the documents with the individual and the group. Also, you can trace the changes in the file while editing.


Cryptpad is an online tool to share and edit documents online. Along with text formatting with enriched tools, users can share Trello-style whiteboards, polls, to-do lists, and even a code compiler window.

cryptpad alternative to google docs

The thing that preferred it over Google Docs is that you need not create an online account to create documents, however for sharing you may need an account to control the user access to your documents.

5-Zoho Docs:

Zoho Docs is an Indian based company that is offering Office suit to add, edit and share documents online. Unlike Google Docs, its user interface is clear and familiar due to resemblance with Microsoft Office.

zoho docs online file management software

The users can upload office files and even edit PDF files both in online and offline mode. The uploaded files can be accessed from the Dropbox account online. The mobile app is also there to access the files from mobile equally compatible with android and ios users.

With all unique features and user-friendly interface, it can be a Google Docs alternative.

6-Dropbox Paper:

If you want to enjoy nearly all text features of Google Docs online, then Dropbox paper should be your choice.

Dropbox Paper docs

The user can create, edit documents online that can be stored in Dropbox, which can be shared with other users online. A user can also access the documents through their mobile app.

Although it offers only word-based or text-based documents and no Excel or Spreadsheet, still it can be widely used online.

Currently, it is only available to Dropbox users, however, there might be a chance to be fully compatible with others.

Other online tools alternatives to Google Docs:

Besides the above elaborated Google Docs alternatives, here is the list of other tools that can equally use for text editing online.

  • Collabora
  • Graphite Docs
  • Coda
  • Bit.Al
  • Ether Pad
  • Nuclino

So above elaborated tools that can equally be used as Google Docs alternatives.

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