15 Best Safe ROM Download Sites for Computer Games

Looking for the best and safe ROM sites for games, then you are in the right place to download the latest and trusted computer ROMS for games.

Surely, you have the latest technology phone gadgets in your hand and might be fond of online games in your leisure time. And if you have enjoyed playing games in your childhood or early days some by connecting cassettes or others to your TV set, then you might be curious why not now…?

Yes, you can and you need not search for such old cassettes or other accessories but all can be done by using Emulators and ROMs to play games in this era.

When talking about the best sites to get ROMs or secure places for downloading Emulators and ROMs then there might be some sites that have a collection of ROMs and Emulators, or some of them have a lot of pop-up advertisements or some might not be secure to download any ROM or Emulator.

To avoid all these stressful situations, I have compiled the best and safe places to get ROMs and Emulators for android, iOS, and desktop.

best safe ROM Sites

15 Best and Safe ROM Sites to downloads ROMs:

So let’s take a quick overview of these safe ROM sites.


Gamulator ROM Downloading site

Gamulator is one of the best Emulator and Safe ROM downloading websites. With its almost daily updates, one can find various ROMs for every single console that was once launched. It has nearly every kind of your favorite game ROM and its emulator to download and play the game.

The structure of the website is well managed and you can browse the ROMs and Emulators both category vise and tags.

So don’t hesitate to get the best ROM and Emulators for your PC, smartphone, and even tablet to have experience of new generations’ games from this add free safe site.

2-Rom Hustler: (a safe ROM Site)

RomHustler- safe ROM site

ROM Hustler is another great online source to download ROMs and emulators of nearly every kind. You can browse and find your favorite ROM and Emulator categorized alphabetically. All the ROMs and emulators available on this site are mostly based on customer votes and ratings, so you need not worry about the stuff that you are getting.

Being one of the oldest and the best sites to download ROM, one should visit to download ROM and emulator of one’s choice from the desktop as well as smartphone also.


best safe rom download sites - Retrostic

If you want to enjoy the games of your teenage or from the oldest console then there is a well-known name Retrostic. You can find all classic and old games to download without any issue with viruses or malware-infected files.

It has more than 80,000 ROMs of every kind along with a variety of emulators and consoles.

Just navigate to your favorite console, select the game you want to play, and download from these safe ROM sites.


DopeROMS - best rom site

Looking for the best site to download ROM for android as well as PC, then DopeROMs should be your preferred choice. It is known as an interactive site to play your favorite games without any hustle. Along with that, you can have the choice to play backups on your computers as well as on smartphones.

Its official website has one of the best structures to browse your favorite ROM, Emulators, Game covers, and box arts for android, iOS, and desktop.

So why wait, just go to this online safe ROM site.


ROMSmania - best safe roms download sites

ROMsmania is a trusted name to download ROMs and emulators of nearly every kind are equally popular among other safe ROM sites. you can use its search feature to have your desired ROMs and emulators.

Talking about its structure, this trusted free ROM site has thousands of ROMs to download in many locations of the world, which means you need not use any proxy site or VPN to access the safe ROMs.

So why wait just


CoolROMS - best platform for downloading roms

By name, CoolROM is a place where a user can search and find thousands of free ROMs and the latest emulators for his desktop, android, and even iOS devices.

With regular updates and user-friendly interfaces, it is claimed to be the largest retro game source on the internet. In order to have a quick overview, nearly every game has a screenshot so that a user can have easy access to this online and safe ROM site.

Although it is just like a forum rather it is the best safe place to download ROMs, so just navigate to this one of the largest gaming consoles.

7-: The Eye:

best safe rom site-TheEye

With a simple and secure navigation interface, this ROM website hosts many consoles around the globe. This site actually archives content so one can find the games and emulators that might not be found on any other site like this. It also has a backup feature so one can find different documents for different types of ROMs.

So just visit the Eye and take a look at its simple layout as compared to other safe ROMs sites.


WoWROMs - best roms and emulators site

WoWroms is a place with a simple layout and is being used to download ROMs and emulators for every device. The main primary purpose of this ROM site is to preserve games and other consoles especially for old computers, so that one can experience the games on old computers like DOS, Acron and etc.

So just visit the website to have full control over ROMs online as well as offline.

9-Vimm’s Lair:

Vimms Lair - best site for roms and emulators

Like Retrostic and WoWroms, Vimm’s Lair also has classic ROMs and emulators of nearly every kind. Serving the nations for nearly two decades, this secure ROM website has become popular to download old games and other consoles.

So just visit this search console or sort it in alphabetical order to get the required ROM for Android, MAC, Windows, and even Linux also without any hustle.


Emuparadise ROM Site

By visiting Emuparadise, you can download your favorite game console from a variety of content available on this site. Like Vimm’s Lair, it also has a library of classic as well as new ROMs and emulators to download. You can also play a game online directly on this site.

So being a secure source, it has been considered one of the most visited secure ROM sites on the internet.

11-Emulator Zone:

Emulator Zone

Just as the name, the Emulator Zone search console is not only famous for Emulators but you can also download a variety of ROMs available on this site.

With its simple layout, the user can find his famous ROMs categorized under the brand name and even device vise. Provided by its forum to discuss the issue related to ROMs and for the news regarding the upcoming game consoles.

12-Classic GameROMs:

Classic Game ROMs

With the simple and user-friendly interface, Classic GameROMs provides access to many ROMs and emulators to play games. With its ad-free secure layout, the user can find and download ROMs for famous brands like SEGA, Atari, Sony, and Nintendo along with others.

The best thing about this site is its compatibility with the Google Drive links for easy downloading.


best platform for downloading roms-ROMulation

Romulation is yet another trusted site to download ROMs and emulators of nearly every kind. It has a simple interface that gives the user to navigate through this website.

Although you need to create an account to download the content. Upon signing up, it also gives you 10,000 points to use for downloading ROMs and other consoles. For every 100MB of ROM download, it will cost 100 points, this feature is perhaps to reduce the consecutive download. However, you can earn more points by uploading a new game or being a pro user.


ROMs Universe - safe place to download ROMs

RomsUniverse is the site to download ROMs. Although it is a new site, the user can download more than 100k games available online, however, it is limited to small games only.

The best thing is the site is free from unwanted ads and pop-up notifications to give hustle free experience to download the ROMs and emulators.

15-Nitro blog:

NitroBlog - safe rom site for android

Nitro blog is a site that provides download links to your favorite ROMs and emulators. Unlike other safe ROM sites, it does not host any ROM or emulator, rather than one can download ROMs and emulators by providing third-party links to other sites like Mega and Media Fire.

Updated regularly, this site has user ratings and voting for every game and emulator.

Other Best and Safe ROM Downloading Websites:

Along with the above elaborated, there is more to share for the sake of the interest of the readers, just Google to get more about these ROM downloading sites.

  • Romsdownload.net
  • Old computer ROMs
  • Roms mode
  • CDRomance
  • ROMs World
  • More ROMs
  • ROMs43
  • The NES Files
  • Emulanium
  • SonyISOs

Wrapping Up:

So you have gone through some of the best and safe ROM sites to get classics and the latest game consoles.

So the questions asked by someone that:

  • What is the best ROM downloading site?
  • Where is a safe place to download ROM?
  • Good Sites to get ROMs

or even

  • Is it safe to download ROM?

and others, as asked above, might be well elaborated from the above contents of the article.

There might be more sites to share so do comments with your feedback about the topic and share your experience.

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