Top Best Karaoke Software for Windows and MAC

Looking for the best Karaoke software to record songs in your own voice for MAC and Windows PC platforms, then you are at the right place.

Especially, if you are a singer then you must have heard or are curious to know about Karaoke.

Let’s first know about Karaoke:

“Karaoke is actually a complete song without a singer’s voice, it has only background music with lyrics written on the screen.

In short, it is a complete song without any voice, and only background music is heard.

So the person who wants to record a song in his own voice by using the songlines written on the device screen with background music can use the software elaborated.

When Karaoke was developed in the ’70s, it was the time when the singer used Karaoke Machines to record any song by using a microphone. The practice got long in bars and studios around the globe.

The time passed, now we need not bother to have such Karaoke machines along with other heavy instruments for our song recording, but all can be done with the help of a good microphone and Karaoke Software that can be equally used on Windows and MAC OS even in any place by using a PC, laptop or a smartphone.

best karaoke software for windows and mac

So Let’s have a brief intro about these types of music software and their source for your basic operating systems.

10 Best Karaoke Software for Windows and MAC OS:

So don’t waste your time and money in search of some sort of cheap, creepy, or cracked programs, but just check the list of the best Karaoke software for your windows and MAC platforms that are ruling over the years.

So you even need not use any other music or beat-making software for your background music because this software list is a variety of pre-recorded background music around the globe in multi-languages.

1-Karafun Player:

(Platform: Windows)

Karafun Player is the most downloaded free karaoke software for the Windows platform. Enriched with more than 36000 songs available to record songs even in offline mode. Dual-screen display, customization keys, and well-managed songs catalog have made this no.1 choice in the Karaoke Software list.

The best thing is that you can save your own vocal song to play later in almost every file format. Karafun Player is now available in the mobile app to record your vocals on the go and to listen with its latest Karaoke Player.

2-Siglos Karaoke Professional:

(Platform: Windows)

When talking about another best Karaoke Software for Windows that also provides us with a professional approach is no other than Siglos Karaoke Professional.

So next time whether you need not load with lots of disks or DVDs for the background music or any Karaoke Machine, just click that program and have a variety of options to let the song in your own vocal. This program has also dual-display to have fun and more control while recording songs both for home and professional

3-Kanto Karaoke:

(Platform: Windows and MAC)

When you want to use software for both Windows and MAC platforms, then your primary choice must be Kanto Karaoke.

This software is claimed to be a professional song player and recorder in high-quality that can be stored in multi-file formats.

So if you and your friends want to enjoy song recording, then this free karaoke software will provide the best. With unlimited playlist options, live performance management, and edit audio settings in the full-screen display has made it one of the favorite song recording programs.


(Platform: Windows)

If you are a beginner’s windows user with basic windows management skills then OneKaraoke is especially for you.

You can record a song to save in different files including mpg, WMV, Avi, Dat, MOV, mid, kar, mp3, WMA, etc.

OneKaraoke can be used in a handy form such as a handheld remote to operate it without a mouse. It also has features of a numeric keyboard to easily play your favorite song.


(Platform: MAC)

If you are a MAC user then you must try iStar. It lets you import music from CDs or computers to record a song and create playlists of your preference and can play it on your favorite occasion like birthday, love party, etc.

With a simple and user-friendly interface, you can record a song in your voice and can also convert it into many file formats.

So next time just has Karaoke of your choice and let iStar manage it without the help of any Singstar.


(Platform: Windows and MAC)

Support both Windows and MAC OS, TunePrompter is our next choice to create karaoke videos in no time.

With this absolute freeware, one has the freedom to create videos in one’s own voice. The best part is the videos created can easily be converted to many file formats (manually and in some cases automatically) and later users can transfer them to their iPhone, iPad, Quick Time, or Apple TV format to enjoy singing with their friends and family.

So why wait, just download this free Karaoke Software to have non-stop singing.


(Platform: Windows and MAC)

Aria is another free software to record your favorite karaoke from the pre-listed library of music available in many formats.

Along with Karaoke mode, Aria is also available in DJ and Scratch mode. Now you can make pro-style music mix, and synchronize beats, and tempo in your own voice with the pre-written lyrics on the display. So you can consider it the best professional DJ karaoke software.

The best thing is that it is now available in both Windows and MAC platform

8-PC DJ Karaoki:

(Platform: Windows)

PC DJ Karaoki is windows based software and famous for organizing Karaoke Night by adding karaoke songs with the options to edit & customize.

With dual display, the singer can record the song by using the display lyrics, and on the second screen, he can edit the playlist to continue the show without any delay.


(Platform: MAC)

Kjams is truly MAC-based software available for home and professional users and very much resembles iTunes.

With its attractive layout and enriched with a variety of output file formats, the songs once recorded can be exported to your iPad or iPhone.

The singer can show his performance with its extra cool customization tools like Python Programming and Automatic Song fade out.

10-Karaoke Player:

(Platform: Windows)

Last but not least is the Karaoke Player. It is just what it says in its name is truly a window-based Karaoke Player to play your favorite songs on your computer and laptop.

The program is easy and simple to use due to its attractive user-friendly interface and is perfect for those who want their recording in a noise-free environment.

Other Best Karaoke Programs for MAC and Windows PC:

Along with the above-narrated program, there is also more to fulfill the need for songs in the best voice.

In order to get info about each of the Paid or Free Karaoke Software that is equally useful either for Windows PC, MAC platforms, or even a mobile app, just search Google.

  • Karaoke 5
  • Just Karaoke 2
  • KMid
  • Walaoke
  • Lyrx
  • Audacity
  • OkeOke
  • Winlive Free Edition
  • MidicoKaraoke
  • Pro Music Software
  • CuteDJ Software

Conclusion: So you have gone through some of the free and best Karaoke Software for Windows, MAC, iPhone, and even Android phones.

Every software has its own uniqueness. Most of the above are free to use, however for professional touch you can purchase their pro versions to get more about beats and bells.

Do comments with your feedback.

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