How to Backup Gmail Data to Computer

Gmail with its vast features has become a brand in communication and data sharing. In fact, there may be no roam without this source. By using it in routine, maybe brought its inbox and sent email folders a little overcrowded. To overcome storage, Gmail has been upgrading its storage after some time. Still, there are chances that you want all email data in your personal access without logging in to your account. It is also a good practice to backup Gmail data in your personal computer to use it any time even in offline mode.

The question arises that if you have access to your personal account and can also backup Gmail data to another email account then why you want to download all data on your personal computer?

backup Gmail Data to Computer

The reasons might be:

  • You are working in a company, want to download all email communication before leaving it.
  • Want to delete an account permanently and before that want all important data.

Whichever the reason, it is a good routine to save a backup copy of all Gmail data to your computer.

So in today’s article, we will learn that simple method.

How to Backup Gmail data to your personal computer:

Follow the steps to backup your Gmail Data to your computer.

  • Go to and sign in.
  • Under “Privacy and Personalization” click ” Manage your data & Personalization”.
  • Scroll down to “Download, delete, or make a plan for your data.” and click on “Download your data.”

gmail data

  • This will guide you to “Google Takeout Page” where you can find multiple Google services to download from which you can prefer to download your required data. Since by default, all options are selected, so the first deselect them.

Google Takeout to Export data

  • Scroll down to the Mail option and check the box next to it.
  • Next, You can either want to download all data then click “Multiple Formats” or if you want to export only specific data then click “All Mail Data included“.(in this case, I have selected the later option to choose selected data to export)

Google Takeout to select Gmail data to include

  • Scroll down and click Next Step.
  • Next Page will give you the options to export a copy of your content. You can set a delivery method (by default send download link via email is selected), you can use the dropdown arrow to use others download links also(like add to Google Drive, DropBox, One Drop, etc). You can also choose the frequency to backup Gmail data for now at once or set it automatically after two months.

Create export to backup Gmail Data

  • Next click Create export, the process to create backup copy will start, and soon after its completion, a download link will be sent to your inbox to download a copy of all your Gmail data to your computer.

In this way, you bother not to use all your Gmail data online, but you can create a backup to download and use it later even in offline mode.

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