Best Ways to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Online

YouTube is no doubt one of the largest and the best hubs of video portals across the globe. You are not only able to watch your famous movies, dramas, and tv shows but can also enjoy its live streaming for many events and news nation as well as worldwide. Being part of such an online video library, you cannot assume that any YouTube video streaming service is not available for you, so need not worry, because here are the solution with the best and free ways to access blocked YouTube videos online even in your region or country.

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Why you cannot access any YouTube Video in Specific Country or Region:

There may be two reasons that a YouTube video is blocked in your Country or Region:

  • Licensing: This may happen when a youtube restriction checker is applied on some typical video by some specific country and is not allowed, or the video is copyrighted by a person or company and not allowed to access by others. Many music videos are under license and are prohibited in some countries of the world.
  • Local Law Constraints: Not every video is allowed to access and share, especially when it violates the local laws in countries like Thailand. Also if some video has religious material that may be not accepted by some communities or regions, so local laws or Govt. may ban the video.

How to Watch Blocked Youtube videos anywhere online for free:

watch blocked youtube videos online

So you may have experienced the issue of ” Video unavailable- The uploader has not made this video available in your country” or “This video is unavailable” or with similar wording. Then, the following methods will be purely for you.


VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the most reliable and secure way to watch videos that are not accessible. Since a computer is registered by its IP address while accessing the internet so this service will change your browser’s IP address and let you online from a different country or region rather than your actual one. You can either use a paid version or may use a free browser-based VPN to watch these forbidden videos online for free.

Simply install a reliable VPN and start using its secured web traffic. So now you will be no more away from YouTube videos.

2-Use Proxy or Web Proxy Server:

Another source to watch blocked videos is a Proxy or Web Proxy. Especially, in a country where it was blocked by either the content owner or the YouTube authority itself, the Proxy server is the best solution. The Proxy will hide your original IP address, and only country-specific IP addresses will be used to access Youtube Videos. So if you want to enjoy your favorite shows then a Proxy or Web Proxy server is the best and most reliable source to continue watching YouTube videos online.

3-Download Blocked YouTube Videos:

If you cannot access YouTube videos, then here is another method to watch these videos. There are a lot of reliable websites to download and watch youtube videos later. Just copy and paste the link of the video on your favorite video downloading websites and let the downloader download these blocked videos on the computer online for free.

So above are the reliable and the best ways to access blocked YouTube videos, do comments with your feedback.

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