Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media for Society

Social Media has become a source of fast communication, sharing thoughts, business, and much more around the globe. Due to this unexpected numbers of social media users are growing day by day. Especially, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Whatsapp like others have become a part of our life, even social media marketing has been proved a successful platform for our society. From progressed to developing countries, everyone is trying to use the power of social media for the betterment of society.

Due to modern technology, it has become even easy to use this platform on the go. Since social media is a source of information, entertainment, and business. Its use is also changing from person to person. Due to this, it has changed our lives both positively and negatively.

So when talking about the advantages and disadvantages of social media, we must keep in mind that many countries are making progress through it, but according to some thoughts there are parts of this platform that may not be useful for society.

So whether it is useful or may not, we will discuss the detail of social media advantages and disadvantages for society to better understand its effect on society.

advantages and disadvantages of social media for society

Let’s first see the advantages of Social Media for Society.

10 Advantages of Social Media for Society:


If you want to convey your message to hundreds and thousands of people then there is no easy reachable platform other than social media. Since it is pretty accessible so more and more people use it to interact with other social media followers. Political parties are using it to raise their campaign. Students can get the latest info or updates from their universities.


Social media is playing a great role in aware people of current affairs. It was a time when people have no or less information about their rights or the conditions of other countries of the world. Even Social media activists and NGOs play a vital role when they want to make people aware of any current issue.

3-Latest Information and Updates:

Social media has proved to be a great source of information and updates. Whether it is some political change or some latest news about any event. You are no more away to get this right on your mobile or laptop. People who are using social media like Facebook, Twitter, or others are more updated about world change.

4-Free to Use:

When talking about the advantages of social media for society then We have the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram to get the latest updates, entertainment, or even many types of helpful material for the whole society at NO PRICE or in little pennies. There are many institutions or even individuals that can access it to get tons of information to make their and other person’s lives better. So whether you want free stuff on YouTube, want to share your thoughts on Twitter, or have some entertainment on TikTok then there is nothing precious but priceless other than the social media platforms.

5-Helping Out People:

Social media is playing a great part to help out people in many forms. Whether you want some fundraising, need blood from some emergency patient, or want to help the earthquake affects people that are homeless due to flood. Social media is always there to help people by making their lives better.

6-Brand Promotion:

Social media has promoted custom trends to digital and fast promotion. You can freely promote your brands through this platform to millions of targeted customers, especially Facebook and Twitter can provide you with free advertisement of your business, and products. Most bloggers are using the power of Social Media to drive tons of traffic to their websites.

All you need is your brand and a proper forum to promote.


One of the effective things that one can induce through social media is connectivity among the people. This platform has brought people to one place to discuss and share thoughts and ideas irrespective of religion and nation. Due to close connectivity, you can share knowledge, information, and motivation to bring people even nations to one place.

8-Platform to Target Large Audiences:

So if you have a business, motivator speaker, a religious scholar, or even a common person. You have an idea to target as much audience as you can. You have many opportunities to attract a large audience, you can either do some search engine optimization or have some paid promotion. In both cases, a large multinational audience is here for you.

9-Cost-Effective Promotion and Advertising:

Irrespective of advertisement through electronic media like tv channels, social media is a more effective platform for advertisement. The cost to promote your business is much lower than the traditional ways of advertisement. Moreover, you have more opportunities to promote it to your target nations. Even you can use social media like Facebook to target unlimited traffic for free.

10-Helps Govt. and Other Agencies:

Along with, a great platform for the common person. The Govt. and other agencies are also taking benefit of the power of social media. They not only spy on the people that are de-tracking common persons but also on the irrespective material that may be dangerous for the nations.

10 Disadvantages of Social Media for Society:

So social media is commonly used for the betterment of people, but there are some thoughts or even some parts of these social media that literally not acceptable. So let’s discuss the disadvantages of social media one by one.


Due to a lot of entertainment and info, social media users become addicted to them. Especially teenagers and young ones. They are usually busy in chit-chats, to enjoy entertainment, which may be a time-wasting. Especially, it has badly affected the student’s routine and education. So the access to everything is bad.

2-Security Issues:

While using social media, we usually accept offers and put our personal data in front of them. That may be not a good practice, even sharing status may leak our privacy. So it may be a security issue for our personal info as well as our own. So that should be avoided to become safe during social media usage because people usually hide their identities to victimize common people.

3-Fake News:

One of the challenging tasks that social media is facing today is the spread of fake news. Although most of the information is from reliable resources still we need to verify it before forwarding it.

It is the need of time that the authority should take notice of the spread of fake news from unauthentic sources. So that the real info may be shared among the people.

4-Divert attention:

Nowadays it is time to use social media on the go, for this every social media has launched apps to use them conveniently. So people become so addicted that attention to other important work even studies affect badly. Online games and other unnecessary entertainment have made the young generation addicted. Even excessive use will make them mentally sick.

5-Scams and Frauds:

Social media can be a place of scams and frauds, especially anyone who can make a profile with a similar name to you to misguide your friends and family. There are many people that are in search of innocent persons, they give them attractive business opportunities but pay nothing other than making financial fraud with them. Similarly, people especially young ones in search of friendship and marriage are also facing issues without knowing their family backgrounds.

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6-Privacy Issues:

One of the major disadvantages of social media is the privacy issue. Millions of people are using social media for fun and info, but they don’t know that they are paying for that. Social media collects people’s info, and their interests and may share them with advertisers. Also due to smartphone technology, there are apps for every business. So people installed them and they may compromise our personal phone info. So be aware before installing and using apps on your smartphones.

7-Decline of Offline Communication:

There was a time when people prefer to meet and discuss their problems physically. After the innovations of social media, the distance between the people in this busy life becomes more. Now, people especially the young do not bother to talk while using social media in their hands. It has become practice, that people are sitting beside but with no awareness of the other person’s presence.

8-Impact on Health:

Excessive usage of social media may affect our health badly. Being addicted to unnecessary info and entertainment, our sleep cycle is disturbed which may bring an unhealthy sign to our brain and alternatively routine life. Moreover, sitting in one place will also make us lazy, and without physical movement we may become sick.

9-Relationship Issues:

Most people are using social media for fun and entertainment, for this making friends and relations is common. But a platform where no correct info about another person may bring issues in their relationship. Since it is very common, so we should avoid such a relationship.

10-Unwanted Targets and Races:

One of the disadvantages of social media is that People start to idealize some people. For this, they start making ineffective efforts to have more followers and friends. They start sharing their thoughts in form of videos. By doing this kind of unwanted race they usually want to be like that person that may be practically not possible. So we should avoid fixing such unwanted targets.


Since the advantages and disadvantages of Social media are dependent on its needs and availability, so many nations and countries have used it to promote their business and for the betterment of society. Although not every news, information is useful for us, because there is much fake or just time-wasting info that is surely not as good as it may be.

Above are my opinions about social media, do comment with your feedback.

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    My thoughts really align with the 5th advantage [Help People Out]
    Like this is the most underrated thing that we consider to do. It is more of a place of deceivers.
    Helping others on social media will not just give you followers but rather a connection, a connection that is hard to find.

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