How to View Full Size Instagram Photos and Profile Picture

Do you want to view your Full-size Instagram photos and Profile pictures on a computer and mobile, then you are in the right place.

The profile pictures seen on Instagram account are usually not of original size but actually reduced in pixels. So one can only see its reduced or diminished size. It means you are not viewing the actual size and pixels of pictures.

But there are some ways through which you can see full-size Photos on any Instagram account easily.

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view full size instagram photos and profile picture

Learn to View Full Size Instagram Photos on Computer.

Just follow the steps to view Instagram photos in full size on a computer and mobile easily.

  • Open an Instagram account on a PC by using a desktop browser.
  • Go to Profile picture or photo of that particular person that you want to see enlarged in the original size. You can either search the username or manually enter it to access its profile page or particular photo.
  • Click on that picture that you want to make enlarge.
  • Look for its URL in the address bar, it should be like

” ”

just add /media/?size=l after it, so it should be like

  • Press enter to see the full-sized picture. You can again zoom in to view its enlarged format without disturbance in its pixels.
  • Apart from its full size, you can also see its medium and thumbnail size in a similar way by adding media/?size=m for medium size and media/?size=t for its thumbnail size.

How to see Instagram Profile Pictures in Full Size:

You can not see someone’s profile picture in full size by simply clicking it. Because its trimmed or cropped version will display only. But there are some ways through which we can view a full-sized profile picture without using some third-party apps. Even you do need not to log in to your Instagram account.

So follow the steps:

  • Open Instagram and search for the profile whose picture you want to see in full size.
  • Just copy the address and go to Instagram Profile Picture downloader on
  • Paste the Instagram username or copied address and hit enter.
  • The desired Instagram profile picture with download and view options will be displayed.
  • Just view it in full size or download it to view and use it later.

The above are the simple ways to view Instagram Photos and Profiles pictures in full size.

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