How to deactivate or delete Facebook account on Computer

Want to deactivate or delete your Facebook account on your computer when you are at the right place to do so.

We will learn the difference between deactivation and deletion of our Facebook account and the features that may affect this action. So stay tuned.

As social media users, we have often come across a chance when we want to get rid of unwanted Facebook friend requests or disable a profile timeline or hide our friend list from the public, and so on.

So let’s see the complete solution.

Deactivation vs Deletion of Facebook Account:

Facebook is basically providing two main options to discontinue using a Facebook account temporarily or permanently.

  • Deactivating your Facebook account will temporarily disable it, you and other people will not access or see your posts. You can activate it whenever you want later.
  • Deleting your Facebook Account will delete all its settings, posts, etc. However, the good thing is that even after selecting the deletion option, Facebook will wait for some days for confirmation of account deletion, and during that, if you log in to the account then your deletion option will be canceled automatically.

how to deactivate or delete Facebook account

So let’s move further to learn the process and other queries about it.

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How to deactivate or delete your Facebook account:

Deactivating or deleting a Facebook account is pretty easy, just follow the steps below:

  • Open your Facebook account on your computer and click on the top right corner drop-down arrow.
  • Click Settings & Privacy, and then click Settings to open your Facebook settings page.
  • On the Settings Page click Your Facebook Information and then click Deactivation and Deletion under your Facebook Information.

deactivate a Facebook account

  • In the next window, Facebook will ask you the reason for deactivating or deleting your Facebook account. Two options will be displayed, if you want to deactivate temporarily or permanently delete it.
  • Whichever option you want, just check it and click your desired tab to continue to account deactivation or account deletion.

Deactivating or deleting Facebook Account

In this way, you can temporarily deactivate or delete your Facebook account permanently.

Why Deactivate or Delete Facebook account and which features you can use or not:

So, in spite of all these, some queries may arise:

  • Can I temporarily deactivate my Facebook account? – Yes as mentioned above, a Facebook account can be temporarily deactivated for the prescribed period of time.
  • Is deactivating Facebook a good idea? – Although Facebook is a good source of info, still, if you want to close or not use it for a limited time, then deactivating it is a better option than deleting it permanently.
  • Why do guys deactivate their Facebook? – There may be many reasons for deactivating the Facebook account, one of them is privacy. Due to a lot of third-party apps or advertisements, privacy may be breached. So they are much more aware to secure their Facebook account.
  • Is it better to deactivate or delete Facebook? – Deactivating Facebook is temporary and can be accessed at any time, so it is better to deactivate it if you want to keep discontinue it for a limited period of time. However, deleting Facebook will lose the account as well as associated pages permanently.
  • Does deactivating your Facebook account delete everything? – When you deactivate your Facebook account, Facebook will save all your settings, posts, videos, and images to use later. Even if you want to delete your Facebook account, you can still download all your data to your local computer for your record.
  • How do you know if your Facebook account is deactivated or deleted? – If your Facebook account is deleted, then your name or profile id will be no longer available in the Facebook search, or even your friends could not find you in their Facebook Friend list.

So the above-elaborated methods to deactivate or delete the Facebook account and the queries related will surely help to improve Facebook productivity.

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