How to Make Private Phone Calls on Android and iOS

Sometimes it becomes mandatory to make private phone calls so that your identity might be hidden from unknown persons. Especially, while using craigslist sites, getting online quotes from a dealer, setting up some dating site, or even getting a return call from your office.

This kind of repetitive call might be a short or long-term disturbance depending upon your communication.

So there is a choice that either you can use a different number from your personal number to call or can block or hide your number by making a virtual call that can’t be shown to everyone while calling.

The choice is yours.

4 Ways to Make your Phone Number appear as Private:

So in order to protect your privacy by hiding your phone number from unknown persons, the following ways will surely help you.

make private phone calls on android and iOS

Before proceeding:

It is worth mentioning here that the method may not be allowed by some phone carriers, so you can try some alternates.

1- Dial *67 to hide your caller identity:

The first and universal method that might be used on any phone while calling.

It is very simple to hide your number, just dial *67 and then the number you want to call.

Example: *675555555555

It Is Done, your original phone number will not appear on another calling screen, and on the other screen, it will be shown as Private or Blocked. Moreover, each time you have to dial *67 before the number to hide it from the recipient.

Also, the service of *67 will only not work on toll-free or emergency numbers.

2-Block Phone Number on iPhone:

So if you are an iPhone user, then simple settings without using any third-party app will help to make your phone number private on your iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings > Tap Phone.
  2. Press Show my caller ID.
  3. Use the toggle switch to show or hide your number.

3- Make Your Number Private on an Android device:

To hide your real number from someone while calling on an android phone, follow the steps.

  1. Open the Phone App > Tap Menu > Settings
  2. Select Calling accounts and tap your carrier name under Settings.
  3. Choose Additional Settings.
  4. Tap Call ID and choose to Hide to block it from everyone.

In order to show again, just repeat the steps and choose Show to let everyone see your original caller id.

4- Use a Third-Party app to make private Phone Calls:

If none of the above methods work to hide your caller identity, then you have a choice to use some third-party burner number apps.

All you need is to download one of the apps, make an account and enjoy private calling and texting without any wait.

With a free account, you can have a limited private calling, however, you can enjoy the unlimited text and calls with their monthly subscription at a little cost.

There are also some apps like Google voice that can provide free calling and text within the USA, all you need is a smartphone or computer to receive and call.


The above is the number of ways to make private phone calls so that your phone number might be hidden from another person. Hiding your caller identity is personally of your choice, the sole purpose is only to make it anonymous and protect your privacy. In some cases, if your phone does not allow you to hide your number, then you can contact your carrier to block your outgoing calls.

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