How to Fix Android Connected to Wifi but No Internet

You might have faced a situation when your android phone is connected to your wifi network but you are still unable to use internet. There might be dozens of reasons of that but today we will discuss those that can help us to fix android connected to wifi but no internet issue.

So stay tuned and let’s see the simplest steps one by one to resolve the issue under discussion.

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fix android connected wifi but no internet

11 Ways to Fix android connected to Wifi but no Internet connection Issue:

There might be particular reasons of no internet connection even when your android device is connected to wifi network, so let’s explore these reasons one by one.

We will try to resolve the issue directly related to our android device first and then try to figure out other settings or any other reason.

So keep on reading the entire article.

1-Check if you are connected to the Internet:

2-See if Mobile Data is Turned Off:

3-Check Date and Time of Mobile Device:

4-Disable and Enable Wifi on Android:

5-Just Forget to reconnect again:

6-Reset Network Settings on Android:

7-See if Router is blocking internet traffic:

8-Change Router DNS settings:

9-Change Wireless mode of Router:

10-Reboot or Reset Wifi Router:

11-Factory Reset of Android Phone:

That’s all the possible tips to find the internet issue even your phone is connected to wifi. There might be other reasons of that, than do share for the guidelines of other users.

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