How to Fix Android Connected to Wifi but No Internet

You might have faced a situation when your android phone is connected to your wifi network but you are still unable to use the internet. There might be dozens of reasons for that but today we will discuss those that can help us to fix android connected to wifi but with no internet issue.

So stay tuned and let’s see the simplest steps one by one to resolve the issue under discussion.

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fix android connected wifi but no internet

11 Ways to Fix android connected to Wifi but no Internet connection Issue:

There might be particular reasons for no internet connection even when your android device is connected to a wifi network, so let’s explore these reasons one by one.

We will try to resolve the issue directly related to our android device first and then try to figure out other settings or any other reason.

So keep on reading the entire article.

1-Check if you are connected to the Internet:

This seems to be quite senseless but might be true in some cases to confirm if you actually connected to the internet through your router. In most cases the modem lights will show you the internet connectivity, however, you can also configure your modem for the correct login. You can also try to connect another device to that router to see its connectivity. Sometimes, your wifi will not allow opening particular sites as in colleges and universities some sites are blocked to prevent access to students. So double check this possibility also.

Sometimes, a little bug in data connectivity may occur, so if you have a land phone along with a wifi modem then just dial the phone and make two to three ringing to let resolve the issue automatically.

2-See if Mobile Data is Turned Off:

Android will prioritize wifi over mobile data, so if you have turned on mobile data then it will automatically off when connected to a wifi network. But in some cases, it is necessary to use the wifi connection to log in to the account by enabling its mobile data, so in that case, try to ensure the device connectivity with mobile data before using the wifi connection.

3-Check Date and Time of Mobile Device:

This also seems silly because in most cases the android device itself updates the date and time with the network. But in some cases, especially when you have manually set your device data and time. then you need to review the date and time to set it automatically or make it correct. When done just restart the device and try to reconnect with wifi again.

4-Disable and Enable Wifi on Android:

Just like in laptop and computer, you may also need to disable and then enable wifi on an android phone. In order to resolve the wi-fi connectivity issue, first, tap wifi and disconnect it, wait for some seconds and again tap to let android connect to your wifi network again. This will resolve the issue, however, sometimes it needs to hard reset only wifi settings on the android phone, for this:

  • Open the Phone dialer and dial  *#*#4636#*#*
  • New Wifi hidden settings menu will open > navigate to Wifi information > tap on Wifi API and then select disable Network. This will shut down the Wifi module on the phone.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds and then enable the network to start wifi again.

5-Just Forget to reconnect again:

Sometimes, forgetting and then reconnecting again may resolve the issue. For this:

  • Open android settings and navigate to Wifi.
  • Tap on desired Wifi Network and select forget.
  • Select the desired Wifi Network again and enter the Password to connect again.

6-Reset Network Settings on Android:

Resetting network settings on android may also be one of the wifi connectivity issues, so follow the steps:

  • Open the settings and select Reset Options.
  • Tap on the Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth, and then tap the Resetting button at the bottom.

This might fix android’s connected to the wifi issue.

7-See if Router is blocking internet traffic:

It is possible that the router through which the device is connected may be blocking the internet traffic.

Since routers might have different settings depending upon brands, so just go to the admin page > access through login/password and see if any specific IP address is blocking your device traffic.

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8-Change Router DNS settings:

If you are unable to connect internet then first check if you can access the website from their IP address, if yes then the problem will be with your own ISP’s domain name server. Simply switching to Google default DNS (; will resolve the issue. For this follow the steps:

  • Go to Wifi settings and long press the wifi network whose DNS settings you want to change.
  • Then Select Modify Network.
  • Choose static under IP options.
  • Enter the static IP, DNS1, and DNS2 IP addresses.
  • Save changes and you have done.

Now check if the problem is solved.

9-Change Wireless mode on Router:

When other devices connected to the same wifi network can access the internet but your device cannot. Then this happens only when you have an old wifi card or android device (using older versions of android). In that case, it is necessary to change the wireless mode of your router, so that your old android device can access the internet.

There are different Wireless modes on a router. For instance, you might have seen something like 802.11 b or 802.11 b/g or 802.11 b/g/n, etc. These b, g, n, and ac are different Wireless standards updated with the need for fast wireless communication. So to have internet connectivity on your android device, follow the steps:

  • Login to your Router Dashboard, go to Wireless Settings, and then look for the option of wireless mode.
  • Next in the drop-down menu select 802.11 b > save changes and restart the router.
  • See if the problem is solved, if not then try to change the value of 802.11 b/g and others one by one.

If a problem exists, then try other options.

10-Reboot or Reset Wifi Router:

If the issue is still there then try to reboot the wifi router, either manually by button or through the dashboard (admin page). It will take some seconds to appear and connect to a wifi network. See if the connectivity issue resolves, if not then try to reset your wifi router. Before doing this make sure to save all settings (IP address, login details).

So reset your Wifi router and try to reconnect again for internet access.

11-Factory Reset of Android Phone:

Last but not least, if no option works to fix android connected to wifi but not internet access. Then try to factory reset your android phone.

It is necessary to back up all necessary data and remembers to remove email details from the android phone.

So just factory reset the android phone and then again try to connect with the existing wifi network to have an internet connection. Hope it will resolve the issue.

That’s all the possible tips to find the internet issue even if your phone is connected to wifi. There might be other reasons for that, then do share the guidelines of other users.

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