Top 7 Search Engines in The World to Know Web Perfectly

When talking about the web queries related to our daily routine or some specific task, luckily we have top search engines, just go to any search engine, put some keywords and get your desired information in the form of audio, video, text and even images across the globe in few seconds.

It seems to be easy, but It may cost a lot for a search engine to crawl hundreds and even thousands of webpages to blow up our desired results at our screen. Every day hundreds of web pages added, and it is the search engines crawlers and bots to scan every web page and gather the required search results.

You might think that Google is the only search engine due to its popularity and use but you will be surprised with other lesser known search sources also. Being a normal search user, Google is enough, but when talking about webmasters and bloggers, they may need to check the search rankings of their pages and the competitors in other search engines also. So it is necessary to know search status of your pages at other search engines results also because millions of queries are being made from others search engines other than Google and Microsoft Bing.

top search engines of the world

To fulfill the requirement, I have compiled some of the important search engines and their search data for better search results and to check search engine rankings.

Most Wanted Top Search Engines in The World:

Here is the detail of top search engines to know the web perfectly. All the best Search Engines are listed as per global rank, popularity, search engines data, domain authority and  market share.

Although the search share may change as per traffic search and market trends, still the search engines can be listed as top trends. 

Below is the Search Engine Market Share of the listed search engines.

search engine market share april 2021

The criteria of all listed search engines are nearly similar, the difference is of their search data, rankings, search accuracy and variety of results.


Being the most popular and trusted search engines for marketers, publishers and normal users, it has covered more than 92.24% search traffic worldwide and is increasing. The best thing about Google is its search accuracy and search results variety. Its boats and crawlers are continuously scanning web pages to get better and most relevant results. Since more and more webpages are added in blinks of time, so to get more accurate results in lesser time, many data center are there in famous countries of the world.

So much share in the digital marketing is of course due to its popularity and trust flow of internet marketers, publishers and normal users. It may be hard for any other popular search engine to compete it at its level.

Required topic search on Google is easy, just put some keywords and get your accurate results in the form of text, images, audio and even videos from other famous sharing sites. Besides, general queries, you can also limit your search to exact match keywords, country wise or even for specific language.

Due to its vast search data and reliable results, many other social search engines like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, may also get help to get required results.

Being the most reliable source of traffic, every publisher wants to be ranked in first page, so its advertisement budget is also little bit higher than other listed search engines.

It’s Alexa Rank is of course No.1 worldwide with domain authority is 94.

2-Microsoft Bing:

Bing, also named as Microsoft Bing in October 2020, is the second world’s largest search engine due to search volume and popularity. It has covered about 2.29% market share across the globe. By following the top rankings of Google, Bing is trying hard to get close to the search rankings and market shares of Google, but still could not get much.

With the development of Microsoft windows, it was the default search page of their browser by most of the time, but still it needs more effort and of course the satisfaction of its clients and users to get share of the digital marketing from its No. 1 competitor.

It has Alexa traffic Rankings of 33 worldwide with domain authority is 93.


So Yahoo, the most popular search engine listed as third position having market share of about 1.52% worldwide. Yahoo was assumed to be partner search engine and was initially listed search queries from Bing, than later Bing and Google combine. Now from October 2019, it showed search queries based from Bing. So we can say that the influence of top search providers was always there at Yahoo.

It is also popular now and having Alexa Traffic Rank of No.11 worldwide with domain authority is 90.


Baidu is Chinese based search engine and of course popular in the most populated country of the world. Although it is a Chinese language based, but still its queries are reliable equally among other competitors as well as other countries of the world. It has market share of about 1.48% worldwide, which is a little less than Yahoo. According to Wikipedia and other search sources, it has billions of monthly queries and increasing rapidly.

Alexa Rankings of Baidu is No.4 with domain authority is 75.

5-DuckDuck Go:

The lesser known DuckDuckGo having 5th position by getting market share of 0.58% worldwide. Although, it’s share is very small but still it is getting millions of search queries od daily basis worldwide. Moreover, their search data is mostly from top rankings popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. So it can be a  platform of reliable information.

Its Alexa Rankings is No.160 worldwide with domain authority is 89.


Yandex is a multi language search engines and popular is Russia with almost 65% market share. It has Global market share of 0.57%, which is almost same to Duck Duck Go. Along with Russia, it is also quite popular is Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey.

Yandex has Alexa Rankings of No.996 worldwide with domain authority is 90.

7-Ask & Other Search Engines:

So finally there is a list of many search engines that are getting only 1.32% of market share worldwide collectively.

Since as by name, ask is a question & answers based famous search engine, its results are mainly from Google and other top listed popular search engines. Still it is getting about 0.42% of market share  with domain authority of 89 due to results from Google.

Last but not Least:

There are many search sources that need to describe or list here, but they have less share or reader’s interest. So stay tuned to the above elaborated top search engines and get the search at the peak for better and reliable source of information and search results.

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