How to Enable Hotspot in Windows 10

Just like smartphones, you can also have an option to enable hotspots using the built-in feature of Windows 10. The wifi hotspot will work in a similar way just as in smartphones and the best thing is that you do need not any third-party software to use it. To make it easy, you can broadcast your Ethernet connection via wifi signals to use the internet on other devices with this windows wireless network.

The best thing is that you can use windows 10 built-in options of wifi or Bluetooth to share the windows hotspot with other devices. The most common use is to share internet within a limited area (usually home and office) without any extra router for it and your PC will act as a wireless router.

The setup to create a mobile hotspot on windows 10 is quite easy and it won’t take more than a few minutes to enable and use.

Enable mobile hotspot in windows 10

Steps to Enable Hotspot in Windows 10:

In order to create a hotspot so that other devices can connect and use the internet, just follow the steps below:

1-Press the Start button and click on the gear icon to access windows 10 settings.

2- In Windows 10 settings, select “Network & Internet

3- in the next windows, select “Mobile Hotspot” from the left pane. The mobile hotspot configuration will appear next to it.

4-Configure the wifi hotspot name (SSID) and password by clicking “Edit“.

5- In the next windows, edit/configure your hotspot according to your choice, just save settings.

6- Slide the “Mobile Hotspot” option to on position. This will start hosting a mobile hotspot on your computer.

While making settings, make sure to toggle on the feature of Share my internet connection with other devices, otherwise, other devices will be unable to find and connect to your windows 10 hotspot. Next simply set up a login and password for remote & secure access to your internet connection.

What to do if Mobile Hotspot is missing in Windows 10 settings or not working Properly:

Although most of windows pc have a mobile hotspot option, however, if you can’t find it under” Network & Internet”, then you need not worry, because there may be two main reasons for not having a mobile hotspot option or it is not working fine.

  • First of all open windows device manager > Network Adapter and right-click to update the drivers. After complete updates, restart the pc and let the option of the mobile hotspot appear.

If the option is still not appearing then follow the method to enable mobile hotspot in windows 10 by using the command prompt. just follow the steps:

  • Open command prompt and run it as administrator.
  • Type the command netsh wlan show drivers and hit enter. (This will verify whether the computer actually supports virtual hotspot feature or not.
  • If no error appears then type the command netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid= key= 
  • This will ask to set up a username (SSID) and password(key), so just enter username after SSID and password after equal sign to key.

In this way, you can manually check and create a wifi hotspot in windows 10 using the command prompt.

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