Top 10 Best Torrent Sites that Really Work to download Stuff

If you love torrents and looking for some of the best torrent sites to download movies, dramas, games, music & software then you are at the right place.

Although many video sharing and downloading sites allow you to download your favorite movie for later watch, still you might be unable to download every movie or drama. In case of torrent technology, you have option to find and download nearly every stuff you want.

While searching, there might be hundreds of torrent websites, but either they may be insecure or have a very low downloading speed that may annoy their users.

top best torrent sites to download

How Torrent Sites Works:

It might be interesting for the readers to know the working of these torrent sites.

The term “Torrent” refers to file sharing through Peer to Peer (P2P) network. P2P file sharing allow users to share file among others without uploading to any specific server or online cloud storage. Large files are saved in different computers (called Peers) that can be shared in a network (called Swarm). Any Torrent site, break down these files into small clips/parts and move them from uploaders (seeders) to downloaders (leechers). So sharing of files will not overload any specific server and let the users download the stuff conveniently.

Moreover, you may also need some torrent downloading software like bit torrent or u torrent to download the stuff.

How to choose the best Torrent Websites that really works:

Before proceeding to the detail of top torrent websites, first have a look at the selection criteria of these sites, so that readers may confident to download the stuff without any risk of unwanted programs. The followings are the main factor to select any torrent website for downloading.

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Popularity
  • Download Speed
  • Variety and Library Storage

Best Torrent Sites to download the required Stuff:

Keeping in view the criteria to choose the best torrent website, I have compiled the list that really works. Some of the torrents are especially to download only specific categories, which has made to get the variety for selection.

It is worth mentioning here that if any torrent is not working or prohibited in your country, then you can use VPN to unblock the torrent site or an alternate torrent website can be used to download your required stuff.

1-The Pirate Bay – Overall The Best Torrent Site:

It is known as one of the oldest and the best torrent sites among all others. It has millions of torrents available with the fastest speed of more than 6mb/s (average). When talking about stuff, it has a variety of movies, dramas. shows in hd quality. It has a nice and user-friendly interface with no ads that attract users to download their required media. Although it may be blocked in some countries, however, one can use mirror urls to access the torrent.

2-RARGB – Best Torrent Site for HD Quality Movies and Latest Releases:

With simple and attractive layout, the user can easily search for the best torrent at a glance. It has been famous for a decade or so. Due to its popularity, it has also been blocked in many countries so it needs a good VPN to access the library of millions of torrents with a high-quality download speed of about 6mb/s.

3-1337X – Helpful torrent site for movies, apps, games and other stuff:

Good for movies, games shows, and even application software. Although, it was not a good a decade ago and Google has removed it from their search results. But now it has improved its interface and security and has become popular among torrent lovers. With an average download speed of more than 4mb/s, it has attracted millions of users monthly to download their required stuff.

4-TorLock – best for anime and e books:

If you don’t want to watch anime online┬áthen┬áthis torrent is for you. Along with anime, you can also download e books in PDF format as well as other famous media with good average speed of more than 4mb/s. The annoying thing about this site is the ads (sometimes irritating) so it is suggested to use some famous ad blocker while using the torrent site.

5-Torrentz2 – Famous for Music Stuff:

Famous for music albums with old and new stuff. It has become popular with millions of monthly users. Although, the main torrents site might be shut down, however accessing through mirror links can give you a lot of music as well as movies, dramas, and other stuff equally. Its download speed is not so good with an average of 1 to 3mb/s. But it has user-friendly interface fit for music lovers.

6-YTS – Recommended to download HD Quality Movies:

If interesting in only movies in HD quality, then YTS is the best torrent among all. It is specially designed to download movies of classics and even the latest with high quality in 1080p format. It has an average download speed of about 3mb/s/ So if you are interested to download only movies then this torrent is for you, however for dramas, games, etc you have to visit another torrent site like Pirate bay, etc.

7-EZTV – Torrent that Focus on TV Shows:

So looking for some latest and classic tv shows, dramas in HD then EZTV is for you. It does not have huge libraries like RARGB and the Pirate bay but really focuses on TV shows with a clean and attractive interface. You can find anything related to TV including hit series, reality TV, and late-night TV shows from all around the world. It has an average download speed of about 3.2mb/s.

8-Zooqle – Best for Games:

So if you are a game lover, then Zooqle is especially for you. It has an interface to easily go through different categories and varieties of games useful for PC and smartphones. Being a huge library of games, it has more than 5 million visitors across the globe. Along with games, you can also download movies popular TV shows. It has a average download speed of 2.5 mb/s.

9-LimeTorrents – Best for New Releases:

So if you are interested in a torrent site like the Pirate bay and RARGB then this website can be an alternative to the. It has a variety of Movies, Dramas, Games, apps, music and even anime to download in a high-quality format. It has a very simple and easy-to-get interface, the user can search for their famous torrent listed. You can also find updates about new releases and site policies. It has an average speed of 3.7mb/s.

10-TorrentsDownloads – Best Torrent Website to Download Software:

Recommended to download software for computer with attractive interface and huge collection of software with full versions also. Due to copyright content, this torrent is blocked in many countries of the world. However, a software lover can use a good proxy site or VPN to access the torrent site. It has an average download speed of about 2.7mb/s.


Torrents have always been great a free source to download unlimited movies, dramas, music, software, games, etc. The above elaborated are one of the best torrents sites for your reference and interest, there might be others that can be used or compete with them. Do comments with some other reliable source of torrents websites.

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