How to block someone on Twitter Account

Twitter is an easy way to share thoughts and updates with your friends and even common people. But it may become a nightmare when some of your friends are just making fun of you or you may not be happy with his tweets. It may also be possible that you don’t like self-promoting posts, spam, bots and don’t want to interact with them. There is a way to just ignore, make your account private or use Twitter mute button and let to see other friends and fellow tweets.

It feels sounds easy but it might not, however, there is a full and final way to block them and get rid of their replies and tweets again.
block on twitter

Two Ways to block someone on Twitter:

There are two ways to block a person on Twitter.

1- Block someone from its Tweet:

  • Click the three horizontal dots located at the top of a tweet from the account you wish to block.
  • Click Block and select Block to confirm.

2- Block a Person from his Profile:

  • Go to the profile page of the person whose Twitter account you want to block.
  • Click the more icon on his profile page.
  • Tap block from the menu appeared.

What happened when you block a person on Twitter:

After going through the article elaborated, it will seem quite easy to block him on Twitter, but you have to face some results of using this feature:

  • When you block someone then the user automatically unfollows you and alternatively, you both will be unable to see each other tweets.
  • The tweets will not appear on both profiles or timelines even you or another person tagged you until you again unblock/follow each other.
  • You can’t see each other followers, likes, following, lists along with tweets.
  • You will be unable to send even direct messages to each other.

In short, you both will be unavailable for each other except if you have a public account then the other person will be able to see your activities on Twitter.

Blocking a Twitter account is not an ideal solution. You can secure your account as well as avoid sharing your personal information.

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