How to Turn off Comments on Instagram Post

Increasing followers and getting popularity is the prime objective of every Instagram lover. The more the audience interacts with you, the more you will be in the discussion.

But Instagram comments can be a blessing or a curse if not going in the right direction. Because the more you have followers and increase of social media interactions, the more chances of bots, spam, and trolls’ comments are there. The situation may be harder when you have dozens of such auto bots comments, especially with offensive or unnecessary wording.

The solution to control or manage such comments becomes very hard for you. So there is only one chance to either disable comments of each Instagram post or check each comment one by one.
turn off comments on instagram post

Thanks, to Instagram, which has brought up options to limit such kinds of Instagram comments on Photos and Profile Pictures.

How to Turn off comments on Instagram:

If you don’t want any of the offensive or rude comments to manage, then the best option left for you is to turn off comments on such Instagram posts.

Here are the two most common and important situations that everyone might face and we have here to the solution of them.

Disable Instagram Comments for a Live Post:

If you have already published an Instagram post and want to disable comments on it, then follow the steps:

  • Open Instagram and go for the post for which you want to turn off comments.
  • Tap the three horizontal dots at the upper right corner of that post.
  • Select “Turn off commenting” from the menu that appeared.

That’s it, you can turn on comments on the post any time.

Turn off Comments before Posting on Instagram:

If you want no comment on your Instagram post, then the only option is to turn them off before posting. The following lines will surely help you to do so:

  • Open Instagram and create a new post to share.
  • Add filters or edit content and click next.
  • Before clicking Share, click on Advanced Settings at the bottom of the screen.
  • Under Advanced Settings, select the Turn Off Commenting slider.
  • After Turning Off Commenting click Share and that’s it.

Now, for that particular post, the commenting has been disabled successfully. However, if you feel you have to allow commenting you can turn it on at any time.

So you can limit or turn off comments on Instagram for your post containing photos, video, or even text and enable them any time in the future.

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