How to Schedule a Facebook Post in Pages and Groups

If you want to create a post to publish later at some specific time and date or want to schedule a Facebook post that was already published, then this article is for you.

You can use this Facebook feature to schedule your Facebook post as and when for your desired day and even time for your Pages and Groups.

Although this feature is only for groups and pages you own, still you have the opportunity to publish it whenever you want. Also, the page owners and moderators can only use this feature. There are many third-party software for Facebook Group Post Scheduler, but the following method is easy and risk-free.
Schedule Facebook Post in Pages and Groups

Why You should use this Facebook Scheduled Post feature:

It is very interesting and might be useful to use this feature to schedule your Facebook posts and not memorize the day.

  • Posting to Facebook daily may be difficult, especially when you have to prepare as per audience needs.  So it is easy to prepare and schedule them to save time and will also increase engagement.
  • Regular frequency posting is also admired and ranked by most search engines.
  • You have some kind of announcement for your staff or group fellows on some special day.
  • You want to post your content at a time when most of the targeted audience will be online. Especially in the case of international timezone audiences and you have to schedule post for them accordingly.
  • You might be in some remote area in the future and want to schedule your page or group of persons for some event.

Quick Way to Schedule Facebook Posts on Desktop like a Pro:

If you want to create a post and want to publish it at some specific time then you can easily follow to do so.

Use this Facebook feature for Facebook Pages.

  • Log in to Facebook on desktop >  From the left sidebar click Pages and then select your page.
  • On your Page’s screen, go to the Publishing tool and click “Create Post” to compose the Facebook post that you want to schedule.
  • After creating content, click on the drop-down arrow beside the “Publish” button on the downright side and click on “schedule post” to choose the best time to post it later.

facebook activity log feature
Click save to schedule a Facebook Post. Now Facebook will automatically schedule your posts for a specific time.

If you want to edit or delete the scheduled posts, then just go to “Publishing Page” and click on “Scheduled Posts” and enjoy this Facebook feature.

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Use the Facebook Scheduled Posts feature for Groups:

In order to schedule Facebook posts in your group, just follow:

  • Log in to Facebook and look for your group (you can locate your group in the left bar or simply use the Facebook search icon to check in your group)
  • Click “Write Something” to create a new post and before hitting the Post button just click on the Schedule Post icon in the right-down corner.

scheduled Facebook Group Post


  • Go for your desired date and time click Schedule and then click the Post button to post.

Tips for Scheduling Facebook Posts:

While scheduling Facebook posts, follow the simple tips below to be more engaging and come up with excellent branding.

  • Daily frequency should not affect your writing standard, so always use the good stuff and try to check its grammar and spelling with some good tools.
  • Carefully choose the date and time to make your scheduled post more effective.
  • After scheduling posts, you have also the option to either pause them or delete them, because your posts may be related to the current issue and you have to wait for the exact time or may you no longer need them.
  • It is not necessary to schedule every event, because some events may be not fruitful for your audience like check-ins etc.
  • Lastly, track your posts’ events to check their success rate for future engagement.

In this way, you can schedule a post in your Facebook Groups, and you can edit the date and time whenever you want before its scheduled time. Scheduling Facebook posts will save time and increase engagement.

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