How to Clear System Storage on MAC

While working on MAC, it is very common to run out of storage. Although Apple has launched system storage with a large hard disk, MAC users may still face a low storage warning. In order to handle the hard disk space issue, one can thick to manually delete these files but it may take a lot of time and boring activity.

But don’t worry because, Apple has, fortunately,┬áits built-in Storage Management Tool to make it easy and quickly the large files, apps, and other system-related data in a few clicks. So next time when you see any message to clear system storage then it will click away now.
clear system storage on MAC

What Happened When you ignore System Storage Message:

Although Apple’s built-in feature alarm user about low space, if a person ignores the message then its system might slow and some of the programs and features might not work properly. Apps that save temporary files on the system may begin to get slow. It may also get difficult or even impossible to download large files when the system does not enough space. Even you will be unable to install any new updates to your MAC.

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How to use Storage Management Tool to Optimize System Storage:

Although, there are three ways to clear system storage on your MAC:

  • Manually by finding and deleting each unnecessary file or app.
  • By using some third party.
  • Using Apple’s own built-in Storage Management Tool to optimize storage.

But we will only discuss and prefer Apple’s own features. So just follow the steps:

  • Go to the Apple menu in the top left corner of your screen and click ” About MAC
  • Click Storage, soon the storage bar will start calculating the space used and available. When done, the storage will show in different color-coordinated segments to represent different categories of files.

optimize storage space on MAC

  • click the Manage button to open the storage management windows where you can select to store different types of files including photos, videos, etc in iCloud. Optimize storage by removing tv shows, podcasts, and programs you have already watched along with other unnecessary files. While removing, just keep in mind to delete such files that you don’t need at all because recovery of those files might not possible.
  • When you finish optimizing system storage, you can measure progress by watching the available storage on the storage bar.

That’s it, you can now easily clear system storage on MAC without any further delay.

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