Best Free Anonymous Browsers to Protect your Online Privacy on Windows and MAC

Wana the best and free anonymous browsers with high privacy for saving online browsing, then this article is for you.

Anonymous or private browsing is an untraceable way to surf the internet safely. Although modern browsers like Chrome or Firefox prove incognito windows options that may be safe up to some extent still also VPN and proxy servers are the alternative way to hide own IP address there are a lot of chances to track our private even personal data and later companies might use them for commercial purposes.

To avoid such things along with a bundle of other advantages, anonymous or private browsing is preferred.

Why we choose anonymous  web browsing:

While browsing with our normal browsers, websites often use cookies to track your location, search history, or in some cases personal data and activities that they might use later for commercial purposes. So your privacy is always at the mercy of those websites.

List of the Best free anonymous browsers for saving private browsing:

In order to fulfill the requirement of private web browsing, the idea to use a normal browser is insufficient so there are some famous web browsers to keep your identity and even IP address untraceable.

So here is the handsome info about the famous and the best anonymous browsers for you.

1-TOR Browser:

2-Epic Browser:



5-SRWare Iron:


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