11 Best Apps to Hide Apps on Android and iOS Devices

Do you want some of the best apps to hide your sensitive applications on your smart devices? Want to secure your important applications from someone others or don’t want to compromise your private data your closed one or even your partner, then this article is for you. Here, you will find the best app hider both for your android and iOS devices without losing your privacy and data.

Before proceeding, let’s see the importance of the use of such apps hiders in our devices.

Why we need to hide applications on our smartphones:

There may be many reasons to hide apps on your android and iOS devices, some of them are elaborated below:

  • Privacy: Some people may want to hide certain apps to keep them private. For example, a person might want to hide a dating app from their partner, or a parent might want to hide certain apps from their children.
  • Clutter: Hiding apps can help declutter the home screen and make it easier to find the apps you use most often.
  • Security: Hiding apps can also help improve security by making it more difficult for someone to access certain apps. For example, a person might want to hide their banking app to prevent someone else from accessing it if their device is lost or stolen.
  • Parental controls: Parents may also want to hide certain apps to help control their children’s device usage. For example, a parent might want to hide social media apps until their child is old enough to use them responsibly.

best apps hiders for android and ios

List of the Best Apps Hider for Android & iOS:

So here is a short intro of the listing apps to find on the Google Play Store and iOS store to secure your media by hiding them from unethical access.

1. Hide Photos, and Video: Hide photos, videos, messages, and audio like a pro
2. Gallery Vault: best app to hide Pictures and Videos
3. Dialer Vault: App Hider program especially for android with enriched security
4. Applock: Widely used to hide apps as well as to lock other phone apps.
5. App Hider: best app hider without root with multiple accounts to hide photos, videos, audio, etc.
6. Privacy Master: Encrypt videos and photos as well as other apps with advanced security on android.
7. Safe Lock: Especially designed for iPhone to hide photos and videos.
8. Secret Photo Vault: Enriched with security to hide photos, and videos on iOS devices.
9. Vault: Hide images and Videos on iPhone devices.
10. Apex Launcher: Customize the phone to make it more secure to lock and hide apps as well as photos and videos.
11. Nova Launcher: Hide applications with enriched security with a new phone interface.

Other apps for hiding applications on Android and iOS:

  •  Clock The Vault
  • Locker: Hide Photos, Hide Apps
  • Calc Vault
  • Hide Pictures and Videos
  • Private Photo Vault

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Regardless of which method you choose, it’s important to keep in mind that hiding apps do not necessarily provide complete privacy. For example, someone with access to your device could still potentially find the hidden app through a search or by digging through your device’s files. If you want to ensure complete privacy, you may want to consider using a more secure method such as encrypting your device or using a private browsing app.

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