5 Best Writing Apps for MAC Devices (Free and Paid Tools)

Writing on a typical topic involves research, knowledge, and some other skills. There was a time when people engaged such professional writers to do their required work. But now the time has changed, you need not engage some special person for that. Make some effort and start making notes on a PC using one of the available collections of the best writing apps.

So whether you want to write an essay, have some research paper or even some kind of other notes, all the grammar, punctuation, and other writing-related issues are in your hands. Just compose, click, and make your publishing error free in famous document format.

best writing apps for mac devices

5 Best Writing apps for MAC Devices:

So here is the collection of one of the best writing apps for mac devices. Most of the apps are available at Apple’s official store.  Even some of the tools are even equally applicable to other platforms also like iOS and Windows.

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1. Pages:

Pages is Apple’s own writing app for their mac users. Its built-in collection of templates lets you create a variety of essays, research papers, business cards, flyers, or other notes you want to be enriched with images, shapes, and attractive styles.

The documents in the Pages app can be accessed and shared online among a selected group of writers. So it is very easy to discuss and prepare the best document mutually.

2. Bear:

Bear is a simple and flexible writing app for iOS and MAC devices.  It is one of the finest multipurpose writing tools for long writing and quick noting. you can organize all your writing notes through its vast writing features like link building, and hashtags in one place and can also access them through synchronization.

Enriched with a collection of beautiful and attractive themes its simple and user-friendly interface makes notes beautiful before and after publishing. You can share the documents with your friends and family and can also secure them through a finger and even a face scanner.

3. Ulysses:

Ulysses is the perfect and best writing app for those who want to customize the design, layout, and even format style to their own desire. . If you want to publish your writing notes online, then the Ulysses writing app is your primary choice. Its detraction-free typewriter mode and built-in proofreaders and punctuation checker tool can make your notes more perfect and error-free

You can not only convert your notes to your favorite formats like PDF, word, and e-books but also publish them as blog posts on WordPress and other platforms.

4. Scrivener:

Scrivener is an app to write long and short notes on MAC devices. Its built-in templates allow giving a  professional look to your notes. So that’s why it is equally popular among writers of nearly every kind.

After composing, you can convert it into famous formats like PDF, Doc, ePub, rich text, and even Kindle. So whichever device you have Scrivener is there to create perfect writing notes for you.

5. iA Writer:

When searching for simplicity with no extra formatting to distract your notes then iA Writer must be your choice. By adopting a simple interface to write in plain text with no extra You will focus only on your writing

Like other MAC writing apps, iA writer lets’s convert your text to favorite formats like PDF, Microsoft word, and HTML and later publish it to your platform as WordPress.

Other best writing tools for MAC:

Along with the mentioned above, here are some more MAC apps that need to try for the best writing practice.

  • DramaQueen
  • FocusWriter
  • Setapp
  • Shaxpir
  • Reedsy
  • Squibler
  • Author
  • MarsEdit 5
  • ProWritingAid
  • Freedom
  • Grammarly
  • Evernote Web
  • Microsoft Word
  • Final Draft
  • A Soft Murmur
  • Google Docs
  • Now Novel
  • A Soft Murmur

Writing is an art, one needs thoughts and creativity with some additional formats. So next time, it may not be difficult to finalize your writing by using some of the MAC-based best writing apps. Do comments with your feedback.

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