Best Auto Mouse Mover Software For Windows

Is it possible to make mouse movement automatic without or keep your Windows screen alive automatically? Yes, you can. Just by using some of the specially developed auto mouse mover software or with some handy USB-enabled gadgets.

So next time, whenever you are downloading or installing any specific software or just want to keep your system’s screen active, you need not move the mouse cursor every time or even sit closer to your Windows screen. But, just use the collection of below-elaborated tools to do your parallel activity hassle-free.

best auto mouse mover software for windows

Why We Need Auto Mouse Movement Software:

Windows has an inbuilt feature to either lock your screen or make it dark when you don’t use its screen for some specific period. Alternatively, you have to either move the cursor periodically and then hassle to enter the screen unlock password to keep your system screen and hence system active.

To avoid such situations, you have two options:

  • Either use any software to keep your system active by keeping its mouse movement as per Windows requirements.
  • By using a tiny USB-enabled gadget (Called Jiggler) to shake or jiggle the mouse to keep the screen or windows active.

How Automatic Mouse Mover Software Works:

Auto Mouse mover software is specially designed to keep your system active even if you are not using it. The software makes the system’s central processing unit (CPU) accept that the system is being used even when the user is not present or doesn’t wish to move the mouse cursor manually. The programs work by activating the system for some time at specific intervals.

Collection of the best auto mouse mover software for Windows pc:

1-Move Mouse
3-Mouse Jiggle
4-Auto Click Typer
6-Mouse Machine
7-Mini Mouse Macro

Other Software to Move Mouse Curser Automatically:

Along with the above, there are some other software collections to try for the auto mouse movement on your Windows screen.

  • LeoMoon SessionGuard
  • XuMouse
  • KeyControl
  • Wiggle Mouse
  • Mouse Recorder Pro
  • Mouse Mover
  • Auto Mouse Mover
  • NoSleep.exe
  • AutoMouser
  • Perfect Automation
  • Free Mouse Clicker Pro
  • OP Auto clicker
  • AutoHotKey
  • Auto Mouse Clicker
  • Mouse Recorder
  • Free Mouse And Keyboard Recorder
  • Auto Clicker
  • Clicky Mouse
  • Auto It


The main reason behind the use of the auto mouse clicker software is to keep the system awake while downloading, installing, or some other Windows activity to keep the Windows screen awake so that the system might not go to sleep to interrupt our working. The best thing is that Windows may not detect the automatic mouse movement activity to alarm any suspicious activity.

Behind the above-elaborated software collection, there is some hardware being used for such auto mouse movement. however, it depends on your choice to pick the right and suitable method to keep your task successful.

Do comments with your feedback about the use of the above or any other software.

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