How to Remove Watermark from Word in Windows and MAC devices

A watermark is usually a light image or text positioned behind your Word document. It is an effective method to ensure security, confidentiality, and ownership. Although, it is a good practice for someone to protect his documents and make sense for their reuse. But sometimes, you must reuse them in your assignment or some nonpromotional academic work. Then, in that case, you want to remove the watermark from your Word document.

So, don’t worry, whether you are a Windows or MAC user, there are specific ways to remove the background watermark from your desired document.
remove water mark from windows and mac devices

So let’s discuss each of them one by one.

3 Ways to Remove Water Mark from Word in Windows:

1-Delete the Watermark in Word using the Header and Footer option:

Follow the step-by-step authentic way to remove the watermark from your Word document:

  • Double-click the page’s top section to view the page header and footer.
  • Now hover the mouse pointer over the watermark till its curser looks like a four-headed arrow.
  • Now click the watermark and press the delete key from the keyboard to remove it from the Word document.
  • Close the header and footer to continue editing of Word document.

2-Water Mark removal by using the design menu in Word:

Another quick method to delete the watermark is the use of a design menu:

  • Select the design from the menu bar at the top of the Word document.
  • Choose the watermark icon from the ribbon that appears.
  • Click on the remove watermark option from the menu to delete the watermark from Word in Windows.

3-Try to save the document as an XML File:

If the above-elaborated methods don’t work, then this method is for you. Although, it is a little bit complicated, however, will find you the solution required.

  • Open the document and save it as an extension of the XML file format.
  • Open the saved XML file in Notepad and locate the watermark phrase using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F keys.
  • Enter the watermark phrase in the finder windows and click Find Next.
  • Remove the watermark and repeat the process for all pages.
  • Save the change and launch it again using a Word document.

Methods to remove Water Mark in MAC devices:

By using the design menu:

Like Windows, it is also very handy to get rid of unnecessary watermarks from MAC devices:

  • Select the Word document containing a watermark.
  • Double-click to open.
  • Click on the design tab.
  • Select the Page Layout.
  • Click on the watermark, the insert watermark dialog box will appear.
  • Select the no watermark option and you have done.

Other ways to remove the watermark from Word without having MS Word:

In any case, if you don’t have a Word document installed and you want some watermark remover third-party source online, then you can try some of the best and trusted websites and software available. The best thing is that along with Word you can also remove a PDF document without any hassle.

1-Use Wondershare PDF element- PDF Editor:

This method actually works both for Word and pdf documents. The best thing is that the software can be used both for Windows and Mac devices. So proceed to follow the steps:

  • Open the software and click the import pdf document to delete the background watermark on it. In the case of Word document, you need to first create a pdf of the Word document in a single click by using ” Create PDF”
  • After having a Word to pdf converter document, click on that Edit and then go to watermark and select ” Remove watermark”.
  • click yes to remove the watermark, and that’s it.
  • You have a watermark-free document.

2- Use Online/offline tools to remove the background watermark:

  • Remove the watermark in docs using pdffiler online.
  • By using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Use the WPS office for watermark removal.

Hope so you have enough knowledge to remove background from the Word as well as pdf documents for both Windows and Mac devices offline as well as online. Along with the removal of the watermark, you can also edit the required pdf file to add a watermark and also remove password protection from pdf easily.

Do comments with your feedback for further methods.

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