How to Unlink Facebook and Instagram Account

Like other Social media, Facebook has been becoming one of the emerging platforms for sharing thoughts and other updates. People around the globe are fond of this and like to share their updates automatically with other sites like Instagram and Twitter. Although, Facebook has already introduced the solution by synchronizing your updates with Instagram and vice versa, and you can be notified on both platforms without sharing your post/updates separately on each of them.

That’s cool…

but somehow, you may wish to use both accounts separately.

So first see why it may be good to disconnect the auto update of one account to another.

unlink facebook and instagram accounts

Why unlink Facebook and Instagram Accounts:

There may be some more reasons other than those stated below, but the main ones are here:

  • It may happen, that you post on one platform and Meta automatically posts this update to another one, so a user on both may be bored reading the repetitive post.
  • There may be security risks if for any reason your one account is hacked then the hacker may access another to use it for negative purposes and you may face difficulty.

4 Ways to Unlink Facebook and Instagram Accounts:

If you want to disconnect both Instagram and Facebook accounts, then the following four methods are for you. You can use a smartphone app to unlink or can use the web to separate them accordingly.

One thing that is necessary to understand is that unlinking does not mean deactivating or deleting any account but it will simply unlink the synchronizing in such a way that you can not receive your account update from another account until you log in to access it separately.

1-Using Facebook App to unlink Instagram Account:

2-Use of Facebook Web to Disconnect Instagram Account:

3-Use Instagram App to unlink Facebook Account:

4-Use Instagram Web to unlink Facebook Account:

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