How to Auto delete old files from Windows 11

Looking for some ways to get rid of old and junk files from your PC and manage to auto-delete them, then you are at the right place. Here, you will learn some easy and practical methods to remove unwanted files from your windows automatically.

Before proceeding, let’s first see why it is important to delete old files from your computer….?

Using pc for software installation and web surfing usually creates a lot of junk files. Although, it won’t cost more to keep them on a PC still there are chances of a lack of system storage and other issues related to computer performance. In some cases, even experts recommended removing these old files from Windows to keep them safe from unwanted harmful files as well as keep the PC organized.

So, it is always good to keep your system in good health by just deleting your Windows’s old files. It might be a rare chance to delete them manually by using Windows built-in features or with some third-party PC cleaner software. But, it is good enough, if we use Windows’s built-in settings to assign scheduled tasks to auto-delete old files from Windows.

Auto delete Old Files from Windows

2 ways to delete old files from Windows automatically:

Good enough to the latest versions of Windows 10 and 11 that have provided their built-in settings to enable and get rid of this deletion of old Windows files manually.

So let’s move to read to words described below.

1- Use of Storage Sense settings:

The first option to auto-delete old files from Windows 11 is to use storage sense settings. However, windows have selected the option to auto-delete when low free disk space appears. However, you can choose other options for your convenience. So just follow the steps:

  • Press the Win + I Keys to open the Settings menu and select System from the left side pan.
  • Click on the Storage and then toggle to Storage Sense Option.
  • Click Storage Sense and under Configure cleanup schedule, select the desired time frame to run Storage Sense. You can choose the option of
    • Every Day.
    • Every week.
    • Every Month
    • During low free disk space (default)
  • You can also configure the Recycle bin option to keep the deleted files for your desired duration.
  • Also, there is an option to delete files automatically from the Download folder of Windows.
  • After all, just click the Run Storage Sense Now button to let Windows choose the desired options to control its old files.7

2 – Use of Command Prompt to delete old Windows Files:

The second way to automatically delete unnecessary old windows from the computer is a command prompt. So here are the simplest commands to do so:

  • Type Command Prompt in the search bar and Run as administrator.
  • To delete the old files or those files that you have not used in the previous 30 days, just copy and paste the following command and hit enter;
ForFiles /p "C:\path\to\folder"/s /d -30 /c "cmd /c del /q @file"

That’s all, so it will take some moments, and the unnecessary old Windows files will be deleted automatically. So you need not to search and delete them manually.

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