How to Hide active Status on Instagram (Mobile and Desktop)

Instagram has a good feature that is enabled by default to show your online status to your loved ones and even to the public. It also shows how much time the user has been online since his last login. Through this one can easily see your availability, follow, let to chat, and communicate more conveniently. Usually when someone is active on Instagram a Green dot beside his profile picture is shown.  So besides all these, why does someone think to hide his active status on Instagram…?

The answer is acquiring simple reasons.

Like when you have an active status then everyone will expect a quick response from you and also you may not be able to continue browsingsing on such social media. Moreover, it seems that your privacy may be disturbed and it feels that someone was monitoring your activities on Instagram by seeing your duration being online.

Also, if you hide your online status then you may not be able to see other’s online status.

Hide Active Instagram Status on mobile and computer
So given all the stated reasons along with security, there must be some way to turn off or hide your status. However, if you want to be with active status again than just turn on it.

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Hide your Online Status on Instagram on Mobile app and Desktop:

It is good to have the knowledge to turn on and off your Instagram online status as your requirements or wish. So will discuss the methods on both the Instagram App and Desktop one by one.

How to hide your Online Status on Instagram App:

There are a few steps involved to turn off your active status on mobile by using the Instagram app. Just follow the procedure.

    • Open the Instagram app and click on your Profile picture (located at right down corner)
    • Click the hamburger menu (Three horizontal lines) located at the top right and go for Settings and Privacy.

Turn off your Status on Instagram

    • Scroll down and Under how others can interact with your section, just click on Messages and Story Replies.
    • Under who can see you online, Click the show activity Status.

Show or hide activity status on Instagram app

  • Click on the turn-off Show Activity Status. This will also disable your online Instagram status. You can turn it on at any time by following the steps described.

How to Hide Active Status on Instagram on Desktop or Web:

If you are a desktop user, then you can also conveniently follow the few steps to turn off your Instagram Online Status on its web version. Just do the steps elaborated below:

    • Log in to your Instagram Account by visiting their official web link.
    • Click on the More tab located on the left side with three horizontal lines.

turn off active Instagram Status

  • Click on Settings then scroll down and go for the options of How others can Interact with you.
  • On the right top side, you will find the Activity Status. Just click to turn off it.

Turn Off active Instagram Status from Specific Persons:

Just like Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media apps, you can hide your Instagram status from some specific persons. So your online status will be shown to everyone except the persons whom you don’t want. Just do the steps below:

  • Open the Instagram app and go for the profile of the person for whom you want to hide your status.
  • Click on the menu at the top side and tap on the Restrict.
  • The person will not be able to see your active status.
  • Similarly, you can repeat the steps to hide online status for other persons.

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In this way, you can easily hide or unhide your online Instagram status from others as well as from specific persons. It may also kept in mind that by reinstalling the Instagram app, your online status will also turn on by default and you have to change its status as per the above elaborated methods.

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