Best Language Learning Apps for Android and iOS

Learning a language can help to interact with people, and know about their culture, and history more efficiently. You may also feel more comfortable to communicate with your friends & family by talking in their language. Moreover, learning a new language may also bring more opportunities in the job market. Along with that many foreign universities have made it necessary to learn secondary language to get education there. Even many countries have made it compulsory to know about their language for work or study there.

Most of the time, people usually go to any institute to learn that language during a course they offer. In today’s world when everyone is roaming around the internet and busy schedule. It may be hard to go to such an institute and spare time for it.

best language learning apps

So, if you are eager to learn a language on the go in your routine office, home, or even business schedule. There are other ways through your mobile by using learning apps.

5 Best Language Learning Apps for All Ages:

Searching for the best language-learning apps is very hard and a little tricky. Because you only need a trusted app. To meet the requirements of learning for all age groups, I have compiled a list of apps for you that will help you to listen, speak, and even read the language of your desire by providing step-by-step guidelines through their vocabulary and practical examples on both Android and iOS devices.

So stay tuned to go for the best one.


When talking about the desire to learn a language, Duolingo is there to offer 40 plus international languages at its attractive and user-friendly interface. Their specially designed features enable you to learn according to your strengths with scheduled classes and practical lessons.

Key Points:

  • Unlimited language learning opportunities with free stuff.
  • Fun and Games to learn language in a more friendly way.
  • Appealing content enriched with an attractive interface to learn the language.


Another language learning application that provides you with a learning experience for beginners, intermediate, and even expert level. With its specially designed lessons and exercises, you can learn your targeted language with a selected time of 15-20 minutes daily.

Key Points:

  • Useful content especially designed for beginners.
  • Unlimited learning even with live classes.
  • High-quality lessons are available for each language.

3-Rosetta Stone:

Rosetta Stone is among the famous Android and iOS-based platform software programs used for learning your famous language. The learning experience is available in more than 25 languages without demanding too much time daily from its native language experience.

Key Points:

  • Attractive and excellent user interface.
  • Designed for beginner-level language learners and students.
  • Optional online tutorial session.


When you want to learn your favorite language with fun and games, then Drops has a great interface for you. Designed to learn 25 plus different  international languages with unique conversation and vocabulary. You can also set reminders for your learning time on this device.

Key Points:

  • Learning language through games and fun.
  • Customize settings to focus on some special language skills like audio or visual.
  • Free and Premium subscriptions are available for more fun and learning.


Busuu is a language application that provides learning in a completely organized way with lessons divided into chapters and exercises. One can get into daily basis learning with a basic level of learning including answering questions, matching columns, and MCQs.

Key Points:

  • Organized learning with lots of step-by-step exercises.
  • Community features with other areas of the same language for learning and practice.
  • Beginner-level learning is available for a free subscription that can be enhanced to premium with more features.

Other Language Learning apps (Free & Paid):

Besides the collection of above-elaborated collection, there are also some more lists to seek the best in any language.

  • Read Along by Google
  • Memrise
  • Lirica
  • Falou
  • Language Transfer
  • Cake
  • Bonus
  • Language Reactor
  • Pimsleur
  • Lingoda
  • Lingvist
  • DuoCards
  • Immerse
  • Fluent
  • Mondly
  • Beelinguapp

Language Learning apps give you a platform to learn specific languages through their handsome exercises and much more. It is the practice that you should adopt regularly to be part of that specific language. Hope the collection of the best language learning apps will help you to boost your knowledge and communication skills.

Do share with your favorite app that you are using or wish to use.

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