How to Take Scrolling Screenshot in Windows 11

Surfing the internet in search of specific info has become inevitable. Although it has become a little easier after the introduction of AI software like ChatGPT, still most of us desire to gather information on different platforms and save it to read later or to share it with someone. In many cases, the users want to save the entire page by using a built-in feature of taking a screenshot, but usually, it may not be possible for them to capture the whole page in one shot. So multiple screenshots may become more annoying and also take a lot of time.

So to capture the whole page, there is an option aka Scrolling or Panoramic capture. Through this one can capture the screen content that may not be visible by scrolling the whole or desired area. The screen capturing can be equally done vertically as well as horizontally. The screenshot can be taken by using the keyboard shortcut of  PrtSc’, ‘Alt+PrtSc’, ‘Win+PrtSc’, or ‘Fn+PrtSc. 

Windows 10 and earlier versions have the feature to take screenshots of whole pages by scrolling or other ways. In Windows 11, there is a built-in Snipping Tool, but it is limited to only capturing the visible area of the page and not the whole one via scrolling.

capture scrolling screenshot in windows 11

To solve the requirements of users of Windows 11, there are some handy tools available to take a screenshot of the entire page by scrolling through it. So next time someone wants to save the info, it may not be difficult for him.

Why we need a Scrolling Screenshot in Windows:

A Scrolling screenshot contains all the info of any page in one go, starting from top to bottom or from left to right. So before reading further, first let’s see why we need to capture a scrolling screenshot.

  • The capture page or part of that can be visible on one screen, so it is very easy to see each part, link, or image more clearly.
  • A single captured screen is very helful to share with someone due to its small memory as compared to a video clip.
  • Scrolling screen can be used as a multimedia element, that can later be converted into other formats

4 Ways to Capture Scrolling Screenshots in Windows 11:

To take advantage of the scrolling screenshots in Windows 11, the following are the ways containing both browser extensions and desktop software to work equally for beginners and pro users. Here I have compiled the main features of the apps and extensions to use for.

1-Gemoo Snap:

The most demanding screenshot-capturing tool is none other than Demoo Snap. It has built-in features to edit the captured part of the screen including adding a background, framing,  formatting, etc.

After its installation and while capturing scrolling screenshots, you have two options to capture; Manual or Automatic. Depends upon your requirements. If you want to use it only while browsing then it has also a Google Chrome extension, but the installation of the app will help to record the screen while using other programs and Games.


If you are a beginner or don’t want too many complicated steps to follow, then this advanced and demanding application is for you. Using Greenshot, capturing a scrolling webpage is very simple.

Just open the program and go to its menu in search of the ” Capture Internet Explorer” option.  Save your screenshot and share it with your friends and family.

3-Share X:

If you are looking for free and open-source software for Windows and MAC platforms, then Share X is here for you. By using Share X, you can capture the whole or desired screen area during web surfing, Microsoft applications, or even gaming in a single click.

Gamers widely use this app to record and capture the print screen area, workflows, and many more.


When talking about the most used and reliable screen capturing as well as recording tool, there is the name of Snagit in the list. This software is being distributed by Tchsmith.

Through its superior image editing functionalities, you can capture active windows, and create visual instructions along with scrolling screenshots. although it is available for paid users only, still costs money for it won’t get too expensive compared to its features.

Other third-party software for grabbing Screenshot on Windows:

Besides the elaborated above there are many other software being used for the purpose. Although many of them are known as video Recording software and browsers’s extensions but still have options to grab the whole page through their scrolling screenshot option. The list below has both free and paid versions for this.

  • Movavi – Screen Recorder and Screen Capture.
  • GoFullPage – Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions.
  • PickPick – Screenshot-taking tool
  • ScreenPresso – Screen and video shot capture
  • Apower Soft screen capture – Screenshot and video recording.
  • Fireshot – Firefox extension for advanced level.
  • DuckCapture – Scrolling Screen Recorder.


Grabbing a Scrolling screenshot for web pages, game interfaces, and using other software has become a necessity nowadays. The collection of third-party software and browser extensions will surely fulfill the requirements. If you have any other software being used for screenshot capturing, then do share it for the guidance of other users.

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