How to Generate AI images with ChatGPT Online

Whether you need any specific photo for your project or want some creative artwork, then ChatGPT is here to generate your required image in a few minutes by using their latest Artificial Intelligence. The technology follows the instructions typed by the user to generate AI images. The tool will follow the user prompt guidelines until the required image is generated.

Since ChatGPT is the primary source of text-based info, creating graphics is possible through its integration with another AI system named DALL-E, so it may cost some paid subscription. Also, you can use ChatGPT Plugins to enjoy the AI experience even on other devices and platforms equally.

How to generate AI images with ChatGPT online:

Although it may take less than a few minutes to get the required AI image, still there may need to explore a few steps to create a perfect required image. So just follow the steps:

  • Login to your existing ChatGPT account and Upgrade Plan to get DALL-E interface subscription.
  • In the sidebar windows go to Explore GPTs¬†and choose Image Generator from the list.
  • Create a Prompt describing the image you want to create. For example, the prompt for the image below was: “Create a portrait of an artist using ChatGPT to make artwork.”

create ai images with ChatGPt<image source:>

  • Press Enter and wait for the ChatGPT to create the image.
  • Thats done.

Once the image is generated, you can modify the image by typing further instructions, to resize the image in the aspect ratio 6:3, or make the changes in the display.

In this way, you can make as many changes to your generated image as you can or create new images of your dream work.

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Important Tips While Creating an image using ChatGPT:

Working with ChatGPt is quite simple and user-friendly. However, there are need for some tips and related queries that may help and guide while generating AI images.

  • Be Specific with Detail: One should remember that the AI model is a human instruction-based platform. So while generating a perfect image be specific and focused on that image. Also try to explain as much as you can about it like its style, background, place, etc.
  • Try to be clear in the Prompt: Be clear and don’t pass such instructions that are not clear to you. So be clear in instructions and avoid confusing words. Because these may pass unclear instructions and hence you may not get your desired image.
  • Be Ethical in Choosing Persons, and Places: AI will follow the text you type and generate the image of your desired. But be sure to choose the personalities or places because using or modifying some places may not be ethically appealing.
  • Get Help from ChatGPT: Last but not least, ChatGPT is always there to help, so if you feel any query related then ask to AI model and it will possibly elaborate your query in detail.

ChatGPT AI model along with other platforms has brought revolution in the technology. Whether you want a length article, any resume, or even language coding, you can use this AI platform. Now its integration with DALL-E has made it more specific to generate images.

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