How to Share Your Screen on Facetime calling App

Video calling apps are always quite popular among users of Android as well as iOS. Sometimes during video calls, it has become necessary to share your screen with the other fellow to understand your point of view or any special document more clearly. So keeping this in view, Apple has enabled the same function of screensharing in the Facetime App to be more realistic. Although this function is currently available in the latest iPhone devices, let’s see if old iPhone and Mac users may get the benefit of this advanced facility.

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In the earlier versions of Apple devices, the screen sharing feature was enabled on the Facetime app aka Shareplay, while in the latest OS, there is the option of Share My Screen.

Share Screen using Facetime App on iPhone iPad and Mac

The only difference between these two is the interface and the accessibility. However, in both cases, you can equally use the feature of screen sharing with other Apple users.

In today’s tutorial, we will discuss Facetime screen sharing with others for both iPhone and Mac users.

Benefits of Screen Sharing:

Screen sharing with apps like Facetime is beneficial, especially for Students, businessmen, trainers,  researchers, and even the common man. The best thing is that it will share the live demo or some training with a person in real time. He will be more realistic for such things as getting in touch with the documents, images, some web surfing, or even how-to guides for beginners, friends, and family.

Requirements for Facetime Screen Sharing:

There are two basic requirements for the use of screen sharing while having video calls.

  • Both iPhone users must have iOS 15 or later and iPad have iPadOS 15 or later on their phones, while Mac users have macOS 12.1 or the latest OS on their devices.
  • Under Facetime settings, Shareplay must be enabled.

How to Share Your Screen using the Facetime app for iPhone, iPad and Mac devices:

Now let’s learn about the steps of screen sharing on Facetime for both iPhone, iPad, and Mac users one by one. Just download the Facetime App from the official store and start sharing.

Screen sharing during Facetime calls on iPhone and iPad:

The steps for screen sharing are quite similar for both iPhone and iPad.

  • Open the Facetime app and start a video call with someone.
  • Tap the Share button (the icon looks like a little man in front of a rectangle).
  • A popup list will display the options of Share My Screen, just tap it. A countdown will start…
  • Your screen will start sharing with the person with whom you are in a video call.
  • Swipe up to go to your home screen where you will choose the document, image, app, or even web page to share.
  • An image of your screen will be pop-up in the Facetime calling windows. The other person will see exactly what you have shared with it.
  • When you have finished the task or want to stop screen sharing just click the End button.

Facetime Screen share on Mac devices:

If you are a Mac user and want to share your screen with the other person while in a video call, then follow the steps below:

  • Open the Facetime app on your Mac and connect with another person via video call.
  • Tap the Share button (the icon looks like a little man in front of a rectangle). A toolbar menu will be displayed at the top.
  • Again click on the same Share icon.
  • Two options will be displayed for sharing, one for Windows and the other for Screen, just click the required one to share. (The Green video icon will be turned into a share button to show the screen sharing at this time)
  • The sharing screen/windows will be displayed along with the video.
  • If you want to end the sharing just click Stop Sharing Windows at the bottom.

In this way, you can easily share screens as well as windows during video calling on the Facetime app, and will not let you behind more.

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