7 Best Text Editors for MAC Devices

Looking for some of the best code and text editors for your Mac devices to write development code in your preferred programming language then this text is for you.

The normal built-in text editors are mostly not capable of handling your required program coding, especially if you are a pro programmer and in search of such text editors or writing apps that may also support text formatting & highlighting, along with collaboration with other programs and plugins.

The below-elaborated sentences will give alternate options to choose the most suitable and work-demand-based coding editors for the best experience of your programming code for beginners as well as professionals.
best text editors for Mac devices

Moreover, the text editors are not only for Mac but most of them also work for Windows, Ubuntu, and other platforms.

Why to Use TextEditors for Mac:

As described earlier, the normal text and code editor may be unable to give full customization and other related features to programmers. So along with that, some more features may also help to enhance the code editing experience.

  • You can create HTML and CSS files and also can add markup while creating a website.
  • Develop desktop, mobile, and web applications by using different programming languages.
  • Editing text-based configuration files for an operating system.
  • Enhance coding experience with advanced features of plugins, extensions, and integration with other software.

Collection of the Best Code/ Text Editors for MAC Devices:

Depends upon the popularity, useability, and features. I have elaborated on some of the best text editors for MAC to help get the most out of it. Moreover, forums and helpline are always there to solve your queries.

1-Visual Studio Code:

Visual Studio Code Editor
Looking for an open-source code editor for Mac from the most trusted name in the IT field, then try Visual Studio Code or VS Code from Microsoft. Its user-friendly interface is enriched with a variety of features including syntax highlighting, code refactoring, intelligent code completion, Git integration, IntelliSense, and others to help for better code editing equally for both beginners and professionals.

Prominent Features:

  • Completely free and its code editor lets you work on the same project from Mac, Windows, and Linux OS.
  • Built-in support of more than 20 programming languages like C/C++, Ruby, Rust, Javascript, and others.
  • Install extension from the marketplace to write programming code in more than 100 languages.


UltraEdit Text Editor
UltraEdit is one of the famous text editors for Mac that can handle large projects to complete in minimum time for targeted code. With its code template features, you can convert a successful coding project into a template or use the existing code to edit as per requirements. Ultra Edit’s user-friendly interface lets you modify as per need just as to convert the toolbar to the menu bar and vice versa to handle space and time.

Prominent Features:

  • Supports more than 50 programming languages including PHP, Javascript, ASP, etc.
  • built-in support to SFTP, FTP, and FTPs.
  • The Ribbon commands interface can help with code editing and managing on a top menu bar.

3-Sublime Text:

Sublime Text code Editor
Sublime Text is one of the best, simplest, and speedy text editors for Mac and is especially preferred for code editing of programming languages like Python and web programming but is also equally useful for other programming languages. Although it is a shareware software, still it has prominent features for beginners. However, one can go for their paid program to get the most out of it.

Prominent Features:

  • Supports more than 40 programming languages including PHP, Python, Erlang, etc.
  • Git Integration for text editor components like sidebar, diff marker, and sublime merge integration.
  • Built-in package manager to find and install third-party packages


BBedit Bare Bones Text Editor Software
BBEdit is one of the oldest code editors for Mac by Barebones software company. This text editor is being used by developers, web authors, and programmers. Like other text editors, it has come up with an auto code complete  & quick search feature to easily find and replace the code. Although its free version is only limited to basic features one can get the benefits of full features through its paid version.

Prominent Features:

  • Supports more than 20 programming languages including¬† Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, etc.
  • Multi-file searching and replacing code feature to write code like a pro.
  • Supports FTP browsers to find files from a remote server.


TextMate editor for Mac
Texmate is a dedicated text editor widely used for Mac devices. It has multiple carets features for more than one active cursor and selection range. By using TextMate, you can eliminate your repeated work with its builtin function of creating Macros. You can also extend coding capabilities by using plugins and extensions. so try Textmate for more advanced version control and coding experience.

Prominent Features:

  • Supports more than 40 different programming languages including Javascript, Ruby, Python, etc.
  • Make snippets of the most used codes to place them during code editing to save time.
  • Deep project search for better code search & replace, exact match, etc.


GNU Emacs Text Editor
Emacs by GNU is another popular code text editor for Mac. The working, interface is similar to Vim but enriched with advanced features to handle programming coding of multiple languages. The software offers text editing, project planning, a package system, and a bulletin newsreader as well as an IRC client. So try Emacs code editor for Mac.

Prominent Features:

  • More than 10,000 commands to create macros for automating tasks in your workflow.
  • With Split Windows features, you can split Emacs windows into multiple panels to see the different parts of the same code.
  • Supports more than 30 programming languages including Lispa, Cobra, Object Pascal, IDLWave, etc.


Vim screenbased text editor program for Mac

Vim is a simple text editor for Mac. unlike other text editors, it is not enriched with an attractive interface with a lot of visual attractions. Rather than focusing only on code text editing. The lack of a graphical interface won’t put it behind, but you can use plugins to configure the editor to get your required coding style and workflow.

Prominent Features:

  • Supports more than 20 different programming languages including HTML, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, etc.
  • Advanced Robust keyboard features enable editing and managing code faster.
  • It enables you to automate repetitive tasks using macros.

Hope so the above-described features of each text editor for Mac will give you the best experience of writing programming code for your preferred language.

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