6 Best NAS Software for Data Management

We are familiar with the working of local and online storage sources like USB and online cloud servers. These types of storage facilitate our work smartly and efficiently. In most of the cases, we usually need not to carry heavy systems for file transportation and communications, and can easily manage our routine tasks with such devices and online storage devices easily.

So if we have such physical and online storage than what are the best NAS software and why we need of all these. Are these something new and secure way to store or share data. All these will be discussed in today’s topic along with the details of some of the familiar and trusted NAS software to use our data conveniently and securely.

best NAS software for data management

What is NAS Software:

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. It is a type of storage device attached to a network. So when talking about NAS software, these are the software that run on the network attached storage device or NAS servers. The main purpose of the NAS software is to store and share data on such computers that are attached to a network through NAS server. The only difference between cloud storage and NAS server is the online and offline data sharing.

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It means you can only use NAS software to store and share data locally through a network within some premises like office or some working boundary. Any computer attached to NAS server can access and use data locally. Network attached computer not only access data but can also share and even recover deleted data through NAS software.

Why we need a NAS Software for Windows and iOS:

As described earlier about the physical memory devices and online storage, than why we need NAS software for data storage and sharing within a network.

The answer is quite simple due to its use and application in small and enterprise level:

  • It is easy to operate and within budget due to limited network access.
  • Due to its offline operation, it may be more secure as compared to the other online storage facilities.
  • You have a secure offline network that work securely within the premises and data can only be accessible through special software and the computer attached to that network.
  • You have opportunity to access large files especially media files , can edit and share other persons on the network to do their specific job more easily.
  • Can host a personal cloud server for your network attached system.
  • You can host server-based, open source applications such as human source management, enterprise resource planning applications etc.

The NAS software are being commonly used in large organizations as well as in small office network for video editing, book keeping, email system and other file sharing.

Collection of the Best NAS Software for Windows and Linux users:

Keeping in view of the features, hardware, backup facilities, storage. customer support and necessitates of windows as well as Linux users, I have elaborated some of the best open source and paid NAS software tools for better data management.

1-Rockstor – Linux and BTRFS Powered Storage OS:

Rockstor NAS solution
As by name, Rockstor is proved to be one of the best NAS software for network storage solution and data sharing due to its simple interface to handle complex network issues. It is being used in building custom solutions in software and hardware projects along with the provision of this software for providing large capacity storage to medium and small business solutions.

Prominent features of Rockstor:

  • Open source software for NAS and private cloud storage.
  • Large capacity and several RAID configuration.
  • Protocol support for NFS, SFTP, and SMB
  • Integrate with Plex, Open VPN. Own cloud and many others.

2-TrueNAS – Open Source Network Attached Storage System:

Truenas data protection
TrueNAS is another highly recommended and most adopted Open Source Linux based NAS software being used by hundreds of companies in more than 200 courtiers across the globe. It has two versions, one is at small home or business platform and usually recommended for home based NAS servers and is totally free. While other one is enterprises version that is fit for professionals. This paid versions have a lot of advanced features to supports 256TB of storage and can accommodate more than 20 drives at a time.

Prominent features of TrueNAS:

  • Award winning data storage used by the majority of Fortune 500.
  • Multiplatform support other than Windows and Linux.
  • Protocol support for FTP, NFS, AFP, SMB, WebDAV and Rsync.
  • Plugins support for Next cloud and Plex Media Server.

3-Amahi – Personal and Home Server Media Software:

Amahi NAS and cloud storage
Amahi is ideal for beginners as well as proved to be perfect for experienced users. Due to its user-friendly windows based interface it is famous as ” Home Digital Assistance” It does not mean that it is limited to home only, but you can experienced the network PC’s by managing file access, can setup your own VPN and can also share private applications to your NAS computers.

Prominent features of Amahi:

  • Recommended for both beginners and professionals.
  • Can be use as dedicated home servers.
  • Native VPN solution.
  • Excellent backup options.

4-OpenMediaVault – Linux based NAS:

open media vault NAS solution
Openmediavault (OMV) is another open source NAS software with web based interface and is ideal for the users needed turnkey file server over Linux OS with multi language supports and user management. It is recommended for small and homebased business for various file sharing protocols and data backup facility.

Prominent features of Open Media Vault :

  • Easy to setup and reliable due to consistent updates.
  • Provide user-friendly web based interface.
  • Data backup by using reliable file servers.
  • Supports various plugins to enhance its functionality.

5-Xigma NAS – Open Source BSD Software:

XigmaNAS Software
Xigma NAS is open source software that is available to download in four different file formats and is equally useful for beginner and advanced level user. The syste­m incorporates SMART  technology to provide comprehe­nsive monitoring of storage device­ health and performance by sending automatic emails to ensure data safety.

Prominent features of Xigma NAS:

  • Easy to install and configure.
  • File and data sharing is available on multi platform along with Windows.
  • It can be installed on USB, Hard drive or even can be booted from a live location for configuration storage.
  • Email reporting,  RAID features along with disk encryption.

6- PetaSAN – Open Source Software:

Petasan data management software
PetaSAN is open source software for scalability and manage large backups data management. It supports multiple protocols providing users with a wide range of options for their storage needs. This platform accommodates the growing data storage needs by providing block-level replication and a secure environment for storing sensitive data. This platform is usually referred to large organization for data management.

Prominent features of PetaSAN:

  • Additional support of community forums for dedicated business solution.
  • High input/output concurrency with large capacity backups.
  • Secure management of cloud applications by using Consul identity-based networking.
  • Fault-tolerant, Self-healing and self-adapting system for hassle free data management.

Other Best NAS Solution for Local and Cloud based Data Management:

  • NetApp NAS ONTAP
  • Hitachi NAS Platform
  • Synology DiskStation Manager
  • Enterprise Storage OS
  • EasyNAS
  • Nexenta OS
  • Uraid
  • Netdrive
  • Mayanas
  • WD My Cloud Home

NAS is the need of the beginners and professionals for small and large scale data management solution. Many organizations are being the users of these trusted NAS software. So try the above elaborated and share your experience.

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