5 Best Dictionary Apps for Android and iOS

The modern era has developed many user-friendly apps and software for both Android and iOS to access hundreds and thousands of web pages, and docs in a few clicks. Now, you need not to carry heavy books to search and find your query. Just in the case of dictionaries, search engine queries help a lot to get the answers. Still, we are in search of such handy apps to carry as well as reliable to get the meanings of words  and hence increase our vocabulary. Especially the apps that we can use in OFFLINE MODE.

Keeping in view, I have compiled the details of such dictionary apps for Android and iOS to help the requirements of students, researchers, and even the common man on the go to boost their knowledge and vocabulary and may also help to learn new languages as per their requirements.

best dictionary apps android and ios devices

Collection of the best Dictionary Apps for Android and iOS Devices:

Here are the best 8 dictionary apps equally available for both iOS and Android devices. So let’s introduce each of them.

1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

best dictionary apps android and ios devices
Marriam webmaster is one of the most popular and trusted dictionary due to rich database, search volume, and pronunciation.  It has come with many features that has made it popular equally for nearly eve aspect of life. Whether it is about word meanings, sentences structure, correct pronunciation or some synonyms or antonyms, one can find the detail of each term and word in single click. It has many user-friendly features to increase vocabulary like word of the day, word games, quizzes,  thesaurus, word sentences and many more. So just get this in your pocket and have clusters of words along with meanings in your pocket.

2. Cambridge English Dictionary:

Cambridge Dictionary app
Another one of the reliable source of words with their illustration is not only other than Cambridge English dictionary. Its user-friendly interface encourage students, writers as well as designers to seek and learn new words through meaningful sentences and enriched source of information asides. Along with, other features it also offered thesaurus to better understand the chain words, synonyms and antonyms. so if you want to be a pro in better English language understanding and want to learn vocabulary fast, than you should try this English dictionary app.

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3. Oxford English Dictionary:

Oxfor english Dictionary
When talking about the comprehensive coverage of English language reference and treasure of words, than Oxford English dictionary has its own name. Enriched with more than 350,000 collection of words with their meanings, phrases and sentences, it has equally popular among not only students but also professionals and persons from other field areas. Being an extensive source of details regarding word query, it has also the historical references that described the evolution of that word or terminology over time, that may be helpful to understand the original source as well parent language of that word. So that’s why it is proved to be one of the best digital dictionary across the web.

4. Dictionary.com:

dictionary app thesaurus
Dictionary.com is indeed one of the well known name of seeking meanings online as well as offline for both android and iOS platform. One feature that can make a difference of it is the collection of extensive dictionaries for specific topics in it. It means the info and query regarding such topics like music, film, architectures and other can be found and has made it valuable to better understand. To keep interest of readers as well as to increase vocabulary, it has many engaging content like word games, language quizzes and others. So this valuable app will give you the meanings, phrases as well as references to better understand the words and their meanings.

5. Urban Dictionary:

Urban dictionary is a unique app for both android and iOS platforms that focus on the words mainly used in our routine life. It mainly cover the slang words and unconventional meanings that may be lesser known in any other regular dictionary app in such strength. Along with regular English words meanings and phrases, synonyms, antonyms it has words often used in routine life. Since this dictionary has more cultural influence to represent common daily life conversation, so you may find each every kind of words, sentences in it. So if you want to get to know about any specific culture and their communication in casual way than this app is for you.

Dictionaries apps are being always a source of information, enhancing vocabulary to understand the language, culture as well as the command in subject. There are many online and offline references to use the source as dictionary.  The best thing is the routine to use these apps and web searches to improve knowledge in specific as well in general.

I have elaborated some of the best dictionary apps for android and iOS users, there may be other one’s, so do comments with your feedback regrading the intro of dictionary apps and their features.

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